Thursday, May 7, 2015

Here come the Life Changes....

To all our readers,

Life has thrown the Gerard family a curve ball.  I will not give a detailed explanation because it is too political....but, after 152 years, the college for which I have served as President for the last 8 years has closed.  Next week, I will no longer have a job.  For many weeks now, I have been very busy....for a million daily, time for writing the blog has been non-existent.

I will not be writing for a while due to job search, relocation and dealing with the stress of Gary not understanding (all the time) and having to be reminded that we have done this many times before.....the only difference is in the past, he would stay behind, pack the house, meet the movers and relocate the cars and dog.  This time.....well, not so much!

Heather and Xander will most likely be joining us.  Our relationship and arrangement is working well....hopefully the new job and new location will allow all that we want from life.

Meanwhile, fear not, God is in control!

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