Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How we lost two (count them) Sets of car keys in one night......

Heather and her family were to be in town on Thursday....that went well. 
Dad was supposed to get here from Virginia on Friday night at 9:05 p.m. I had it all planned out.  Pastor Jerry and Vonna were having a Christmas get-together at their home in Elk Grove (south about 12 miles) from 7 - 9.  The plan was that Heather and the kids would take one car and Gary and I would drive seperately and then I would leave early and head for the airport (about 25 miles from there - North).  Saturday was to include a special breakfast, tree trimming and Christmas Dinner with my Dad. That is not exactly what happened.

First off, my Dad called to say he had missed his second plane due to engine issues and was spending the night in Washington D.C. So, no special dinner with my Dad and the kids had to leave on Sunday after church....ok, adjust.

So, we still had to take two cars to the lovely party.  It was pouring rain but we got there and back safely.  We came into the house and I drove NOWHERE until it was time to leave to go to the airport. 

Saturday morning, somehow, I misjudged the fixins for the gravy. With my Dad missing, somehow I thought I had enough sausage for the gravy. Wrong. Note to self, do not use left over taco meat to replace missing sausage.

We decorated the tree and it turned out beautifully.  I fixed Christmas dinner and all seemed happy.

It was time to go pick up Dad.I could not find my car keys which I always keep in the same purse pocket.  I had about ten minutes before I needed to leave.  Since we moved, I have been carrying important documents, keys, etc in my purse so nothing would get lost.  I'll just use my extra key and find the main set which includes my house key and only mailbox key.  The spare was not in my purse.

Heather said not to worry but to take her car.  I responded that was a good idea but I still needed to find the keys. I could not blame Gary because I was the one with the keys.  Oh my gosh, am I losing it now, too?

We started retracing my steps and after a few minutes I got really upset and decided to leave.  After dumping out my purse, twice....I was pretty freaky.  I am used to Gary losing things but two sets of keys?

I took the Prius and headed for the airport.  They continued to look as I calmed down to drive and think.  I remembered that the night before when we got home, I had handed the keys to Gary to open the house while I waited for the kids to come in through the garage.  Yep, he was involved after all.  I told them to look around all Gary's belongings like his jacket, pockets, etc.

Dad arrived safely and we headed toward home.  I rethought the night before and decided that the one set of keys had to be in the house.....i just needed to think.

When i arrived home, Heather asked if I had a hole in my purse.  We tore it apart and BINGO, there was the back up key.  So, now to find the main key.

I remembered all the clothes that Gary was wearing. He had one his black jacket, black jeans, black wallet, etc.  I went into the bedroom despite the fact the kids had searched there.  I went straight to the bench at the end of our bed to look for his black shoes.  Perched precariously in his shoe was my key ring, keys and were covered by a pair of sweat pants.  An easy miss.

Wow, what a relief.  I had already figured out how to rent a car on Sunday, go to the Benz dealership on Monday and apply for a replacement mail box key.  What a fiasco.

Right now, I am trying to write this blog.  I have been writing for quite some time now.  Dad is sitting on one side of me on the sofa and Gary is on the other.  Not exactly pristine writing conditions.  Sorry for the abrupt end but I just can't finish my thoughts.

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  1. What a chain of events! It sounds like you have a lot going on which I find, makes it hard to remember everything! They make these great little key fobs that you can buy online. You attach them to your keys and then have a central fob that you press and an alarm will sound where your keys are. Assuming you remember where the other fob is!

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