Saturday, October 10, 2015

A "more-better-than-good" Haircut

Getting Gary's haircut was something I was dreading today. Perhaps it was previous trips to the salon where he talked incessantly and the stylist did not understand.  Or the time he told the stylist she had nice boobs because she was leaning over him to cut bangs.  Well, today was different.

I chose to go to the same salon as last time since I remembered nothing negative and only some quiet Facebook time while I waited.  We walked in and checked in using Gary's name.  The same woman who cut his hair last time heard us and said, "Welcome back, Gary.  My name is Gloria, do you remember me from last time?"

She remembered us and gave me a "you poor thing" look as she helped him in the chair and asked him if she could give him a more-better-than-good haircut.  He answered with his signature "yeah, yeah, yeah!"  She used his phrases "more-better-than-good" and "yeah, yeah, yeah!"  multiple times throughout the haircut.  She asked him what was most important to him and he answered, "my wife".  She winked at me.

I asked her name again and made sure to implant her face firmly into our life as she is a keeper.

As we checked out, she looked at me and said, "you are doing very well."  I thanked her and we left. 

He looks pretty normal at first glance.  That is what concerns me.  If I don't keep him right beside me when leaving grocery stores, he often trails along behind, holds up traffic and smiles and waves at people as he goes by.  My fear is some day a road-rage driver who doesn't understand will run him over with their vehicle.  Hopefully, I can be vigilant and God will continue to watch over his safety.

Yesterday, his Adult Day care called to say he would be coming home in different clothes as he had a two-way accident.  He stayed the rest of the day but came home in brand new jeans and someone's high school gym shirt.  Apparently, they keep extra clothes around for such events.
However, where are his underwear, jeans and golf shirt from the morning? Hopefully they didn't just hand them to him when he left and didn't tell the driver what it was....if he left them in the van on the last stop of the weekend....and its 100 degrees outside....well, that won't be very pleasant.  Is that a nice way to phrase it?  That could be a very crappy morning for everyone on Monday!

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