Saturday, February 27, 2016

Gary's mid afternoon shower

Gary has now had an MRI and an EEG and we are just waiting on the results.  I can guess that the new neurologist will determine that he has dementia.  Duh...

In preparation for the procedures, we took Gary off all the nutritional supplements that I was giving him to keep him calm and increase brain functionality.  I would have guessed that he would have been a nervous wreck but instead he was lethargic and lost a lot of energy. 

Now that he is back on them, he appears to have improved some however, that will never mean normal.

Today, I took him on a quick trip to the bank, UPS store and grocery.  When I took him into the garage to get in the car (with the garage door open), he headed straight for Heather's car rather than mine that was next to him.  He tried to get in her driver's side all while I am yelling at him to come back and he was at the wrong car.  I put down all I was carrying and went to him.  I could not get him to look away from the door handle on this wrong car.  Finally, I pulled very hard on his arm and fought me and moved to her back door.  I took me three more tries which included putting my face directly into his to get his attention.

After getting into the correct vehicle he settled.  He stayed beside me at the store and behaved for the most part.  We came home and took a nap.  I always sleep a shorter time so I got up and went downstairs to catch up on email.  The bedroom door was open and I heard nothing.  Diva asked to go out and then as I walked to the other room, Heather said, "what is that noise."  "Dang it, Diva go find Dad!  What is he doing now?

Upon entering the master bath, I found him in the shower and lathering his hair.  Fully clothed in jeans, t-shirt and MY fleece bedroom slippers, he had decided that he needed a shower.  I stripped him down and found he had soiled his diaper with pee and must have felt that was bad.  I let him finish his shower and moved him down to the massage chair.

Every day is a new adventure with this disease.  An old friend is coming to visit on Tuesday.  We had not heard from her since around 2006.  I gave her this link and tried to prepare her that he is not the Gary we once knew.  It will be fascinating to watch. 

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