Sunday, February 5, 2017

Gary's Roller Coaster Life

This week has been a physical roller coaster for Gary.  One evening he did not know me.  One evening he knew me but I am convinced he didn't know our relationship.  Then, on another occasion, he said my nickname "Ada Potata" out of the clear blue.

He has started seizing/tremoring again, not just at night but also during the day.  The Hospice Doctor has decided to triple his medication.  He has stopped the tremors but it has been reported that despite pushing significant liquids, he is awaking in the morning with dry diapers.  He seems to have normal bodily functions during the day so we are not sure if he is holding it and maybe has some awareness.  He cannot communicate so we will not know.  All angels/caregivers are aware and staying alert to any signals.

Meanwhile, I am doing fine.  In fact, better than I have been in years.  Despite Gary's condition, I am able to focus, started a Doctor Prescribed Diet and feel great.  Some may find it hard to accept that I am moving on with my life while Gary is alive.  He is being well-cared for and is safe.  For now, that is all I can do for him.