Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Morning Daydream

I took last week off to prepare the house for moving.  Gary and I spent the entire time together. I really got to see his strengths and weaknesses.  One thing learned, the calmer and less stressed I am, the better he functions.

He cannot handle stress, conflict or realizing that he is not thinking clearly.  If given a simple task and the freedom to ask lots of questions (repetitive questions), he can remain calm and function okay.  Most days....impossible.

He is very disagreeable when it comes to hiring an assistant.  I need to do final paperwork but will do in the morning.  An assistant can start on Thursday for four hour stretches. Its expensive.  But not as expensive as some of the possible alternatives.

This morning I awoke to a sleeping Gary.  For a few minutes I imagined that it was many years ago before his disease.  I envisioned going down for coffee and bringing it back to him in bed.  For this part of the dream, he sat up, said good morning and was clear, perfectly clear.  We talked about everything that happened in the last week...he remembered everything.  We talked about the future and our house in Panama. We planned some more trips to foreign ports and we just talked.  I did not have to remind him of anything.  I did not have to repeat myself twenty times before we went to church about what the day would bring.  We spent the day just talking and being in love.

But, I realized I was daydreaming.  When he did awaken, he said a sleepy "good morning."  He also asked what day it is; what is planned for the day?  I went down and made breakfast and got ready for church.  The rest of the day was normal...well, normal for 2014.

Happy anniversary honey.


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