Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Its NOT a Pirate's Life for ME.....

Today was tough. Gary dressed as a pirate to go to the CLUB for their Halloween party.  We got up late so were running behind all morning.  His costume was last worn in the West Indies during a Pirate Cruise Pub Crawl....

Anyway, after realizing that his pants had no pockets nor belt, we had issues.  Where would he put his wallet (complete with mandatory rubber band accessory), house keys, roll of tissues (just in case he is attacked by ten years worth of boogers), collection of hair combs and his change which is usually counted multiple times and stacked in order of size? I remembered a fanny pack that has been hung on a shelf downstairs for months.....perfect for all his stuff and would not detract from the Pirate outfit.  What good pirate does not carry a fanny pack?  So, I went down to retrieve the familiar site and guess what?  It had been moved.  Dag blast-it!  So, Gary had to put all his belongings in his jacket pocket.   He complained several times before we left the house that the jacket did not have can predict where this is going....

As we drove down the street toward the CLUB, he asked if I had visited or inquired at any of the local Assisted Living Facilities.  I asked if he meant for him or for me.  He said that I need to look into them for him. Sobering thought.

I dropped him off at the CLUB and watched the man walk away and in my imagination he morphed into a seven year old pirate on his way to a Halloween party.  The stress of driving to the CLUB with me melted as he reached the door and got a hug from one of the volunteers who was thrilled to see the Pirate. He walked in and did not think to turn and say goodbye. I cry a lot at this point in many days.

Many hours later, I called him to say I was leaving work early and for him to be ready to go to church for the Harvest Party. He reported that he had a stressful afternoon because he "got kicked off the bus."  Many questions later netted the following:  He had lost his wallet, keys and I later discovered, his cell phone.  He remembered enough to know that he discovered this when he boarded the first bus but did not think to go back in and look for it.  I guess he rode for free....

Since the CLUB does not open again until Monday and he did not tell me until 5:00, I left a voicemail for them to see if anyone would check over the weekend.  I know they don't, so I cancelled the only credit card he carries and will wait.  I was livid.  Livid, livid, livid.  It does no good but I feel it anyway.

I told him to put on jeans and a golf shirt and that we would go to the party.  He had on shorts.  I knew I should have told him to change but I was so angry over the events of the day that I let him go anyway. No sooner than we arrived to see kids in costumes, he started complaining about being cold and had one of the church folks turn up the heat.  Twenty seconds later he was trying to further increase the temperature.  I tried to get him involved in one of the activities but he complained bitterly and asked to come home to change.  I explained that if we left, we would not return.  So be it. I was done.

We came home, ate dinner in silence, broke the handle on the screen door and I hit rock bottom emotionally.  I don't know how much I longer I can withstand this level of stress.  The next few weeks of moving and getting acclimated will be critical. 

Thank God his visiting Angel comes tomorrow.  I can get some peaceful hours in at work. 

I changed my profile picture tonight on Facebook to a great picture I took of Gary the last time we were in Panama. Hiking in the rain forest is very special. It portrays him perfectly and loving life.  Please enjoy it as I do.

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