Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moving Adventures...

"So, do you want a divorce?" says Gary. 
"No, honey, I just want you to be quiet while I take a nap. I don't feel well and you have awakened me at least ten times asking me questions about the move to Rancho Cordova.  I have answered the same questions a million times and you are starting to irritate me!"

Let me paint the picture for all our blog readers.  In an attempt to get Gary mentally ready (and the packing, too), I started talking about the move and packing several months ago.  I thought it might be easier on him to get used to the idea.  In some ways that has worked because he asks questions, has helped me plan in many ways and then there are days like today. Before I tell you the questions, keep in mind that I have covered these topics MANY, MANY times. I have answered every question in many different ways.

  • Honey, the box next to the bed says to go to and read about moving. Have you done that?
  • Why are we waiting another month?  Can't we go now?
  • When are we moving? (this question was only moments after the last one!)
  • Is Ted moving out before we move in?
  • Have you gotten quotes from movers yet?  Perhaps we should go to and see what they offer?
  • Shouldn't we finish packing? (we have packed everything except for what the movers are packing on the last day)
  • I'm so overwhelmed.  Can I have a margarita?
  • We should really make a list of the things we need and go to the store.  Our pantry is EMPTY! (we have about a month's worth of food to eat before we move).
  • Do you want to go car shopping today? (We bought a car last weekend and its being delivered from Oregon)
  • We have so much packing left to do!
So, needless to say, life lately has been challenging.  The good news is the Visiting Angel we hired is working out very well.  He doesn't necessarily remember her from one day to the next, but she leaves me notes about what they actually do and what adventures they have at the park and at the store. She is okay with driving to the new house when we move. 

He was talking to me on the phone the other day when she arrived.  I told him to stay on the phone while he went to the door to see if it was Jo.  I heard the following:
"Good morning, Gary!"  "Are you Jo?"  "Yes, I am Jo.  Hi there Diva!"  He said, "Oh, you know Diva, too?"  She replied that she indeed knows her well and they have been on many walks together.  He responded that he didn't know that.

On Saturday, we did not have much to do....just a down day.  He got through the day without any "overwhelm" and did fine until dinner.  We had a marinated steak with mushrooms, sautéed chard and black eyed peas.  He sat down and quickly commented that everything was very good.  About half way through it changed to "this is not very pleasurable."  The leftovers are in the refrigerator.

This morning I awoke to his stressed sounds of "whew!  Hmpfff.  Hmpff.  Whew!"  I layed quietly but really knew that he would not work through it.  I asked what he was thinking about and he only mentioned random thoughts.  He was just overwhelmed.  Period. 

So, I arose and made sure he had all medications and breakfast.  He quietly forgot about his overwhelm and we went to church.  Before we drove just a few miles he had managed to irritate my every nerve with one thing or another.  Thank God I was going to church.  That place always centers me quickly and in a strong way.

Many people have asked how they can pray for us.  Pray for clarity and peace for him and patience for me.  Pray that I stay healthy and can continue working and paying for whatever care he might need now and in the future.  I don't know God's plan and that is probably a positive. 

We continue to laugh and love each other every day.  Blessings come from those laughs each day. 

Today, we giggled that the waitress did not know that Dill Pickles were made with cucumbers.  We laugh so often.  Perhaps those are things I should write about here, as well.  Not everything is dramatically negative.

Our friend Michael is taking Gary to the Bay Area to his home for a few days while I manage the movers and move the house.  He will need a list of things to be aware of in watching him.  I told him via text that he needed to pretend he was taking care of a precocious seven year old only with short term memory loss.  He responded, "Oh, so nothing has changed?  I'm just kidding."

No, Mike you are right on the money.  Here is a picture of Gary several years ago playing with a monkey in Costa Rica. 

I wish I could afford to travel with him full time....oh, the adventures we would have again.

Mike, Gary and I have all been friends for 29 years.  It will be good for Gary to get away from what will be chaotic.  I trust Mike implicitly to care for him and he is looking forward to the challenge.  Thanks to all who love us!

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