Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Would you hand me the phone so I can call my wife?

Its been weeks since I've written a blog...mostly due to moving activities like packing, changing addresses (forwarding etc), notifying two sets of utilities, scheduling installs (cable, sound system, etc.), managing movers, unpacking and staying sane during it all.

Our friend Michael picked up Gary on Sunday afternoon before the move on Tuesday and brought him home Wednesday afternoon. Thank God for old friends.  Well, they may never do it again, but they saved us this time.  Apparently Gary: ate like a pig; got very little sleep; asked them every two hours at night "Where is Ada?"; and tagged along wherever Mike needed to go.  Gary required they repack his suitcase several times so Mike could take him to the airport.  Keep in mind, it is a 2 hour drive and there was no airplane involved in any of the trip. 

On the way home, Gary called me from his cell phone several times.  Of  course, he left it in Mike's car and we did not realize it until the next day.  I found Mike's glasses among our belonging scattered on our bar.  So, I sent him an email asking if I could trade his glasses for Gary's cell phone, bathrobe and whatever else he left behind.  We had a good laugh.

Moving without Gary went smoothly as I only had to answer questions of the movers.  Getting all the crap we own into place on this end is another whole story.  When the movers had many of our belonging staged in the driveway to go into the truck, we all took a break.  I sat there and felt so guilty.  After being in Haiti in 2010 and many other places in the world where people have nothing or little to nothing, I realized how blessed and absolutely uncalled for it is for us to have so much.  It is pure out American greed and I need to dispose of things. 

I have lost my temper several times this last week but am holding my own.  Gary is trying SO HARD to help. 

We have had a few mishaps but the greatest story started on Friday night when he became confused about our older phone numbers, old phone numbers and new phone numbers.  He swore that he need to call his wife at 686-8458 which is the number we had for six years but changed about a year ago.  Then he decided to call her at 686-0304 until she answered.  This whole time I tried to convince him that I was his wife of 29 years and that I was right beside him.  He said that he had been married to someone else for 17 years and that he and I had recently reunited.  One minute he knew me as Ada and the next, he didn't.  I got very angry, then hurt and then sort of accepting.  He was combative so I called Mike to have him tell Gary who I was and then when he failed, I tried Heather.  He pacified them by agreeing but started again the next morning. He did this off and on all day.  Pastor told Gary on Sunday who I am and my relationship with him. Since he knew that Jerry would not lie to him...all is well.

He has spent the last two days watching the events in Ferguson Missouri on the television, helping me and sitting in the massage chair.  I give on any long term help with the house.  He is good for about 20 minutes and he is off chasing a shiny object. 

I am blessed to have a husband who does love me.  I fixed a great dinner tonight and looked at me with love and said thank you.  He kissed me and said that I'm his best wife ever. 

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