Sunday, December 6, 2015

I am pooping....

Gary and I awoke this morning with smiles on our faces.  He seemed to be a little clearer than normal....while we were still in bed.  It didn't last long.

I went down to the kitchen to make some fresh ground Starbucks Christmas blend and decided to make a breakfast casserole.  We enjoyed our breakfast and headed to get showers and start our day.

Most days now, we shower together so I can shave Gary and assist with hurrying him along.  He has always liked long, hot showers.  Now, though, he would shower until the Flash Heater burned before he would get out of the shower.  So, I help....

We had gotten out of the shower and I had dressed.  Gary was standing at MY sink, using MY toothbrush.  One tidbit that the reader should know is that Gary talks incessantly most of the time so it is easy to start tuning him out.  It is unfortunate but it is form of sanity preservation.  Anyway, I tuned in when he was brushing his teeth, in his underwear, and stated "I am pooping".  What?????

Sure enough, he went right in his underwear less than two feet from the toilet.  I will spare the details....the yelling, the scolding, the smell, the extra shower and the laundry. 

Now, several hours later he is taking a nap.  No more issues.  Thank you, Lord. 

I am not cut out for this type of servitude.  Pray for my strength and his constipation (just kidding).

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