Monday, January 11, 2016

Urine Chronicles - The Prequel

I would like someone to explain something to me. The answer will satisfy my curiosity if it comes from a male or from a female who stands to pee.

Twice now, I have left Gary standing at the toilet preparing to urinate.  Twice, I have left him alone for privacy and walked away.  Twice, he has saturated his pants and socks while standing at the toilet with his penis in his hand.  This last time, he was still standing there saying that he was trying to pee but couldn't.  The only thing I can figure is that he is indeed peeing but not aiming well and missing the toilet and it is just running down his pants.  Thoughts? 

I know that it is weird to inquire but the logic behind how this keeps happening is driving me nuts.  The "adult underwear" is not working because he doesn't often lose control.....but when he does, we will be ready!!! This is more of a Gary-is-not-aware-of-his-pointer or the-stream-is-not-fully-flowing issue.  Any advice would be considered and appreciated.

I am keenly aware that a solution is to go with him every time and supervise...can't do as I am not here all the time and the poor caregivers may not want to do that.  He has the mind control, for the most part, to not go in a diaper.....we are in between urine problems.  So, I have named this blog "The Urine Chronicles" with the hope that there is no sequel.

We start with a new caregiver on Monday.  I'm sure there will be a story or two in our future.

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