Sunday, January 24, 2016

I colored in a coloring book today....for hours.

It has been a normal day.  We awoke early and I decided to fix breakfast.  After waffles and sausage, the coffee tasted good.

Gary took direction well while showering.  All with commands (one at a time), he showered, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, got dressed and got ready to go to the store.  We went to Target with little drama.  We shopped and came home.

I made a delightful chicken salad and we ate.  We took advantage of my new coloring books and colored for a while.  Then Gary took a nap while I watched the playoff game and colored some more.  I colored a lot.  It is good thinking time.  It is good to think.  I made no profound proclamations but feel good. 

A nap sounded good so I joined Gary for a while.  As I "napped" he talked or whispered incessantly.  I am able to tune him out most of the time. How sad that I have to do that but it is a way to stay sane.

He ate dinner and is sitting in the massage chair now.  He has settled in very nicely with the new caregiver.  She is very sweet and capable.  She still has patience. 

So, we will start another week.  Thank you, Lord.

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