Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Loving my Husband....

The things that I love about my husband are numerous:

He is very sweet and concerned about my feelings most of the time.  He feels my pain and says he is sorry even if he doesn't understand the simplest of reasons.

He loves me and recognizes me.

He loves hot coffee in bed in the morning.

He still sings "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" when it comes on in the car....

He still loves to "play drums" on everything he finds....except for his drum set.

He loves our dog and is still sensitive when she is scared from a storm.

He knows his grandson's nickname is Xander and is concerned about his welfare.

He has given me permission to make the everyday decisions I have to make because he can't help me anymore.

He is still polite to others.

He still knows all his nicknames and sometimes calls me by mine.

He is not the full man I married but I love him till Death Do Us Part....no matter what that means.....