Saturday, April 30, 2016

Verbalizing the Dementia Patient's Brain Activity

We have been blessed three nights in a row with no "accidents" in the bed.  However, last night was very "noisy". 

Here is a sample of what I heard:
"1601, 1602, 1603,1604,1605,1606.  (pause) 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20.  201, 202,203,204, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nine, ten.

Be quiet (parroting me telling him to be quiet).  Be quiet.  Just be quiet.  BE QUIET.  Lay still.  Lay Still.  Be quiet.  Be quiet.  Shut up. 

Scoot down in the bed.  Don't hit your head on the headboard (I tell him this when he gets in the bed with his butt next to the pillow).  Be quiet.  21, 22,23,24,25,26,27 .............28,29,30.  I need to comb my hair.  I have to pee."

So, I get up with him and assist him to go to the toilet with coaching of standing close to the toilet so drips go in the toilet, not on the floor.  He stood there for about 10 minutes.  Suddenly, Diva asks to go out so I took her downstairs to take her out.  When I got back upstairs, Gary was fixing his pants and flushing the toilet.  I'm not sure what happened but he had dribbled a lot on the floor and all down his pants.  I took off his pajamas and put them in the shower floor for laundry in the morning.  I put Gary back to bed on top of the new gigantic mattress pad that I bought.

A few minutes later he started verbalizing all his thoughts again:

"Bless you.  Thanks for letting me pee.  1500.  1600.1700. 1800.  Did you hear Diva cry?  No?  Why not?  Is that Diva on the bed?  Does Diva have to pee?  12, 13, 14, 15, 16........501,502......"

After Gary continued counting until 800, I decided to roll over, put a pillow on my head and try harder to sleep.  It just wasn't working.  My big mistake is that I keep talking to him and trying to get him to be quiet, stop talking and just let me sleep.  I know better but after a while my mouth engages and I try again.  "Gary, please let me have a moment's peace and let me sleep for a few minutes.  Please?"

"Be quiet Gary.  Have peace.  Have peace.  Have peace.  Be quiet. "  He did. 

At 6:40 a.m. he asked me to help him go to the toilet.  I did and he started the verbalization again. I covered my head and decided that if he at least laid still rather than wiggle constantly, I could sleep.  He then realized that he did not have on his pajamas and started feeling around the bed.  He thought he had taken off his pajamas and was trying to find them.  I got up and gave him an alternate pair.  Miraculously, I don't know what happened until 9:40 am.  I slept!!!!!

During these periods when his brain activity spills from his mouth, his body motions are very active.  He wiggles, moves his arms, puts his hands through his hair and just moves around the bed.  It is very disturbing to one sharing the bed and hoping to sleep.

After showering and dressing, we walked out our bedroom like every day and he stopped next to the guitars hanging in the hall and asked to play his guitar.  I took it off the wall, dusted it and brought it downstairs for him.  I put him on the sofa with his guitar and he picked at it while I fixed breakfast.  I do not mean that he picked as like in playing the guitar, I mean he literally picked at the strings like he was trying to remove a hair from the guitar.  It was the first time he showed interest in music in quite a while.  I have not put the guitar back on the wall in case the spirit moves him again.

Right after lunch, he crashed on the sofa.  He slept enough that now he won't take a nap. 

Saturdays are hard.  I have so much to do around the house but I always have to keep one eye on him.  Its okay because I love him.  I guess if things get too tough I could just start, two, three, four.......

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