Friday, May 6, 2016

"Yes, I will feed you pie."

Years ago, Gary and I went to the theatre to see the movie "Driving Ms. Daisy".  It was a lovely film about a rich old woman in the old South who employed an older man to drive her.  They became great friends and after many years, as they aged, one day he assisted her by feeding her pie.  I distinctly remember the conversation Gary and I had immediately following the movie. 

"Honey, when I am old, will you feed me pie?"  I asked Gary so humbly.  He answered without hesitation, "No doubt.  I will feed you pie."

Now, many years later, the prediction is coming true only I am the one feeding him.  Most nights, he has difficulty cutting or slicing whatever I serve for dinner.  I have learned to automatically cut everything ahead of time for him.  In the last few weeks, I have also noticed that he plays with his food frequently.  While I thought he just didn't like it or was star gazing, I was wrong.  One night I picked up his fork and started feeding him and he ate very well and much faster.  I tried again the next night.  Guess what, he has difficulty eating by himself.  So, was the movie an omen for the future?  Maybe.  It could have just been a sign of normal aging and loving your life mate.

Yes, Gary, I will always feed you pie....or whatever else you need.

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