Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An evening in the E.R.....again.

Since moving to Anaheim, Gary has fallen over backwards twice from the dining table.  We have a bar height table that has chairs with very long legs that sit on carpet.  Both times, I think he was trying to get up from the table by scooting the chair backward which will NEVER work.  Both times he fell backward and struck a sliding glass door.  So, stop with the judgment on why he was sitting at the table by himself.  I deal with enough guilt without hearing from the readers.  Sometimes, a girl just has to pee.

This last event happened on Sunday afternoon.  Heather and I heard him fall and retrieved him from the chair for a thorough inspection.  He seemed fine.  No more thoughts were encountered regarding his possible injury until I got home from work Monday evening to find a stern caretaker telling me that at day care he fell asleep multiple times.  I found out later that he actually fell asleep during exercise hour!  His "handler" at the CLUB was concerned and told Jessica when she picked him up from Day Care.  She noticed that he fell asleep in the car.  These are not normal occurrences.  So, we ate a quick food bar and went off to the hospital for a check up.

After a long day's work full of mental strain, it is uncomfortable to sit in an Emergency Room and watch your husband watch television and act completely normal while one waits on the test results.  In my heart I knew that he had just been sleepy but the strain and pressure of "what people think or say" is tough.  What if there was something wrong and I did not take him in?  So, I went anyway.  After being released, we stopped for a take-home hamburger and went home.  He was fine......no medical issues except for his normal dementia symptoms.  Thank you, Lord for the help.

Heather suggested that I serve him at a t.v. tray in the living room.  I tried that Sunday evening.....it worked just fine.  So, much for the $3000 dining table imported from the Orient.  It seems as if all the material things we worked for in our lives are slowly becoming less important.  For Christians, it should be that way anyway.  Right?

Gary went back to day care today and I went back to work.  There is no day anymore that can be classed as "just another normal day".   There is no crystal ball that tells me today is the day that Gary forgets how to put on his pants or he needs to be fed all the time.  What will he remember tomorrow?  What will he forget or lose tomorrow?

Everyday is a new adventure.  I wish these adventures on no one.


  1. I certainly feel for you. Jenny's grandmother past the point of being able to feed herself months ago. She barely eats now. She is at a a point where often her food needs to be smashed or blended. Even getting water in her is a struggle. They have protein drinks, but it is also a struggle to get those in her. She is almost completely bedridden, but occasionally they can get her up in the chair. Very little of anything she says makes sense. They have a hospital bed at home now. They have an aid come in 5 days a week to help. They thought they were going to lose her a couple of weeks ago. She ended up in the hospital for a couple of days as a result of a UTI. It is heartbreaking to watch all of this happening. I commend you. Working and taking care of Gary I know has to be a struggle. I wish you the best.

    1. Thank you for your insight. This is a horrible disease for the patient and the caregivers/family.

      I wish we were closer geographically, as I can tell I really like you, cousin!