Friday, July 15, 2016

Sickness preventing Visiting....

I have a head cold and a slight fever.....this is really inconvenient.  It is a bad situation because I am supposed to travel tomorrow to a funeral in the Bay Area (am still going) but I don't feel right going to see Gary while I'm sick.

His body is at great risk and I can't risk him getting a cold or worse, pneumonia.  I saw him for a short period yesterday and was there in time to feed him dinner.  He ate voraciously and had a second piece of pie.  I told him that I was starting to feel sick and that I might not come by for a few days....I am not sure if he understood or not.

I feel bad when I can't see him everyday.  I love him even though he is a shell of the person from before the Dementia.  Frequently he sparks up and has similarity to my Gary. 

Being around him means more to me as I see other deaths around me.  My friend Harvey died on Tuesday and another childhood friend died today in a motorcycle accident. As we age, this will become more prevalent but knowing this does not make it easier.

So, seeing my bibbed husband while I am feeding him his dinner is not such a bad thing.  He is mentally, partially still here.  I will hold on to that as long as I can.

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