Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day Gary!

It's Father's Day weekend 2017.  Never in my wildest imagination would I have pictured visiting my husband in Memory Care Unit in his last stages of life on this weekend.  We were supposed to be playing Golf in Panama surrounded by Gary Jr., Heather and their families.  God had a different plan.

On Saturday I visited Gary.  The angel/caregivers were all busy readying the tables for the Father's Day Celebration.  The tables were covered with checkerboard cloths, the napkins were tied like neckties for the men and peanuts and pretzels were on the table!  They were served chicken wings, hot dogs, potato salad, French fries and onion rings! 

I would like to say that Gary enjoyed it but that is probably not the case.  He ate every bite but as usual he showed no emotion. 

Gary Jr. sent a Father's Day card from Pennsylvania so I read it to Gary.  Deep down, I know he wants to see his children again but for various reasons that just won't happen. Perhaps that is what he is hanging on for.....then again, maybe not.  I left the card on his pillow so perhaps the angels will read it to him again before bed.

He has some sort of eye problem.  I managed to see in his eye that was encrusted with mucus.  An eyelash seemed to be the culprit so we flushed his eyes and called the nurse to keep an eye on it.  It is amazing what things can happen when we as humans cannot take care of such small eyelash....really?

Today, I will go to church and have lunch out.  I am by myself again as my family that has been visiting has started the journey back home.  It was fantastic spending time with them and I am glad they visited Gary.

Steve and Denise were a welcome sight during such a tough time.  Since I lost my Dad and Sister this year, it was nice have scheduled grief time.  There were very few tears but lots of laughs.....very therapeutic.

Steve prayed over Gary and asked for God's will and peace.  I hope it comes soon.  That is about all I can say for now....

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