Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Stark Contrast of the Two Garys

I arrived at Sunrise Senior Care this morning at 9:45 am.  Upon greeting me at the door, one of the caregivers told me that Gary was still in bed but awake.  They had saved his breakfast.  Apparently, he was super sleepy and they let him rest. 

He has a new roommate to whom I was promptly introduced.  He smiled and spewed forth an incredible, unintelligible sentence.  I smiled and told him it was nice to meet him.  He was watching a western on television.  Gary was awake but had his eyes tight shut.

I looked at him.  His left hand was not swollen as much as it has been in the past but the right side of his face and eye were very puffy.  I touched his face and he opened the left eye.  No visible recognition.  I put my hand on his and he grasped it firmly.  Maybe he knew it was me.  I sat next to him for a few minutes while the new roommate was talking incessantly about something.  I just smiled at him. 

Then, out of nowhere, the unit dog Annie (weighs about 5 pounds) pounced on the bed, onto Gary's chest and licked his nose.  Both eyes became wide.  No startled look nor sign that he liked it.  Just a stare.

I glanced up at the pictures on his wall and noticed the stark contrast between the old Gary and the Gary who is now a body that stares.

The angels came into bathe him and put him in his chair so I stepped out of the room.  That is not my responsibility anymore.  I waited and chatted with the angel on duty in the big living room.  Most of the other residents were sitting outside on the veranda in the shade.  It was so peaceful.

Soon, Gary came out for breakfast dressed in his backpacking Tshirt and pants!  I'm not sure why the angels picked that outfit but it somehow seemed oddly appropriate. 

I take lots of pictures now because I don't know how much longer I can. 

He ate all of his breakfast and drank two glasses of juice.  In no way is he going hungry.  I soon kissed him goodbye and left to run errands.  Every time I walk out and leave him, I think it might be the last.  I am at peace with that now. 


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  2. oh i feel so bad ! i am getting close to where u r at but i still work in a home and i know exactly how u feel .my husband is progressing pretty fast and i knw what the future hold ,my prayers r with u .