Saturday, May 3, 2014

A busy day in the life....

I awoke this morning after 11 hours of sleeping to the sound of our coffee grinder. Having coffee delivered to me from my loving husband is a wonderful thing!  It was double sweet as he forgot whether he had put Agave in it already....that was very sweet coffee but I loved it.

We had alot to accomplish today since Heather and Xander are coming Monday night to stay with Gary while I go to our corporate meetings in the Bay Area.  We started with lunch at Dos Coyotes, courtesy of a gift card from my birthday!  Gary ordered a Chicken, mango quesadilla.  I know how much he likes chips so I ordered extra for him.  One thing I have noticed about Gary's eating style is that for the last year or so, he frequently chops all food on his plate and mixes it up and eats it.  He can't explain it, but he says his food tastes better.  Ok.  So, I often find myself done with a meal and waiting on him to finish.  Today, I watched him chop, mix and eat.  I must have been looking at him with lots of love or gooey eyes because he stopped, looked at me and we shared the sweetest exchange of words. I still can see his beautiful soul in those eyes.  There has been one time recently when he was stressed that I am not sure he was all there. 

I did notice that he was wearing his old, tan eye glass holder. He didn't remember that I had bought him a new one last weekend and that he had pitched such a fit about it a day later.  I found the new one and gave it to him.  He put in on in place of a tattered one....he said he liked it.  (See a previous post for this whole story)

After lunch, we headed to Walmart to get all the things we needed for the kids' trip.  He was so cold in the store that he went to the car to get warm.  I trusted him with the keys and he was taking a nap when I returned. 

We came home and finished putting together the  "little tyke" car that we bought for Xander to ride in while he is here.  After much fighting, yelling and lots of tools, we accomplished our mission. Hopefully, he likes it.

We finished a long list of chores and had a lovely meal. He seems tired but very clear.  Its a good night.

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