Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Fourth of July! 

We got up extra early to get ready for our day celebrating our Country's Independence!  It started particularly abruptly when my new phone vibrated like crazy in the middle of the night....well, about 3:30.  It awoke me and I tried to ignore it to go back to sleep.  However, the brain said, "Ada, get up and check your mail. Perhaps the operating agreement that determines the future of your college has been signed."

Sure enough, it was FABULOUS news on a Google Alert.  So, I closed the bedroom door and turned on Gary's computer in the office to log onto the company email to see if I could read the press release.  After reading the entire press release, Gary woke up and joined me.  I knew it was going to be a long day with little sleep so Gary heated us some "downer tea" that I keep in the refrigerator.  I think I fell back to sleep at around 5:45.  6:15 - alarm goes off and restarts the excitement.

We went to the CLUB dressed in our red, white and blue ready to walk the mile or so parade route.  Complete with face painting ..... we got ready with the others.

We walked, cheered and handed out brochures.  Gary didn't realize that he could not stop and talk to every person to whom he handed a brochure.  He slowed the whole parade at least twice but overall, we did fine and ended up walking the entire route back to the car.  It was about 95 degrees so we were pretty hot. 

After a trip to Chilis, we went home for a nap before we left for a neighborhood barbeque.  The people at the party were neighbors we have known since we moved back to California in 2007.  Since I am around Gary all the time, I don't always realize his decline.  When I am around folks who aren't around him all the time, I realize more.  Some seem shocked and don't say much.  It is wonderful to have such great friends who support us and love us no matter what. 

We are now home trying to calm our beagle, Diva Gerl. She hates fireworks.  Gary could not understand why she shakes so much when he is petting her.  I explained that Diva is just like him when he gets OVERwhelmed.  Once he gets to that point, it is really hard to bring him down.  Then he understood. 

Wow, what a life.

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