Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Honey, honey, wake up!"

4:10 is completely silent in our home.  I am sleeping SOUNDLY.

"Honey, honey, wake up!"

Gary was cold and confused.  We had gone to bed early and since it was so hot outside, I had turned on one of the two air conditioners that cools the second floor.  It was set on 74 degrees.  When I awoke, the air conditioner was off and the fan over our bed was on high.

He seemed confused and said, "Wake up.  This is stupid.  I don't want to go back to the CLUB.  I am COLD!"  (I knew he had been cold at the CLUB the other day as he had a towel across his legs when I went to get him. So, I have encouraged long pants since, rather than shorts).  He wasn't making since and was confusing topics.  I did not acknowledge the comment about the CLUB but I did address the temperature.  The fan was silenced and stilled.  I had hoped he would go back to sleep.  Not any time soon.  He continued to talk and was so frustrated that Diva wanted to leave the room.  He took her to go outside.  I knew they would not come soon, as when she gets freaky over Gary getting freaky, she goes outside and does not want to come back to the house.

After a few minutes, I went downstairs to check on them.  She was lying about 20 feet from the back door on the patio looking at him standing there in his P.J.s looking pitiful.  I went out and encouraged her to come in and go to bed with us.  He cuddled her and stroked her for about an hour.  We did breathing exercises, prayed, talked and eventually we went back to sleep.  He never complained of the temperature again. 

After not enough sleep, it was a tough day for me.  He seemed to have a good day at the CLUB and did not mention his discontent again.  They made birdfeeders and he brought his resides in the garden.  It is magnificent.  His bus driver was inspirational to Gary.  He has been married 30+ years and is a devout Christian.  Gary remembered the conversation and knows that he enjoyed it.  Progress. 

He has been having a lot of neck pain lately and is now in the Relaxation bath.  I sure hope he can sleep tonight. 

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