Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here's a new one....he lost the Amber Alert GPS!

Here's one for you....Gary lost the GPS.  I out-smarted him though....I found it.

The past few days Gary has had a really hard time staying clear.  He's been very confused and then he gets overwhelmed.  When he gets overwhelmed he gets very gripey....complains and is very miserable to be around at all.  Then, I get irritable and then I'm no fun to be around either.  Together, we are a mess during these times.

I am not sure why he has periods of great clarity and then other times of the "fog". He went to the CLUB last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  All went well.  On Thursday, he stayed home and was by himself until I arrived at 4:30 to take him to the ballgame.  We went to the Rivercats game with folks from the church.

It was a fun game and it never hurts when the home team wins in the eleventh inning. Gary wanted to stay the whole game and was busy most of the night watching the scoreboard and paying attention to the game.  Since he is not really a sports fan, this was highly unusual.

Friday morning came early and I spent most of the day really tired.  We had a lot going on at the college and I did not check on him but he called a couple of times.  He called me twice to tell me that he was taking Diva for a walk.  Once he called from the park and once he said he had just gotten home from the park. 

Both the maids and the gardener came so he likes to get away when they are there.  He seemed confused.  He did call me around 2:00 and said, "Hey honey, its me, your husband." (Just for the record, no one has a voice likes Gary's and we have caller i.d. on all phones, but he always tell me that he is my husband when he calls.)  "Honey, I have a thought.  Rather than put me in a home, why don't you send me back to my mother?"  

I pointed out that his mother is in heaven and that I was not planning on putting him in a home and that he needn't worry.  He seemed unphased, said thank you and hung up. I went on with my high stress day....complete with running off a television reporter.

Friday night and Saturday morning were full of overwhelm complaints and great confusion.  We moved into the house that we live in over 1.5 years ago and I finally unpacked my office.  Since we are moving in a few months, i felt the need to purge. He spiraled.

Saturday night, after tons of herbal teas, calmer downer herbs and vitamins...he calmed.  I've decided to make large quantities of tea and keep it in the refrigerator. 

Today, after church, we came home to take a nap.  My text messaging was buzzing and I discovered that his GPS battery was low.  We had not used it since...well, I don't know when he used it last.  Obviously, he had forgotten to plug it in the last time he used it and the battery was dying.  We searched the entire house and could not find it.  It has a voice feature that I can call it and hear what is going on around the area where it is....I heard nothing.  I repeatedly talked to the GPS and could not hear my voice, so I knew it was not in the house.

Amber Alert GPS
Gary did not know where he had it last.  I logged onto the computer and tracked the GPS to the street behind our house.  (If you can use the GPS to find Gary, you can also use the GPS to find the GPS, right?) I started walking and told Gary to stay home as I was pretty furious at this could he have lost it in a sidewalk walking the dog? I called the GPS on my phone and started talking and walking, all the while listening for my own voice.  I walked about 1/4 mile down the sidewalk and whistled.  It echoed...the GPS was nearby.  I knew the battery was dying so I walked faster.

I found the GPS spread across a bush, with the necklace perfectly in tact.  Gary walked up behind me.  He looked at the area and had NO CLUE how the GPS got there.  It was not in a place where he would normally stop. It was not scratched.  So either he hung it there or had dropped it and someone else put it there.  At least I found it. That is a mystery for the history books.

This week should be fascinating.  I have some serious stress potential at work, so I will try to keep it away from him...he just can't handle it. 

Our friend Lon suggested that we do not pray enough. Perhaps he is right. 

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