Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lost items no longer lost.....we are giving them to society instead!

Last night during dinner, Gary said that he had bought me a present on the way home.  I said thank you and asked him where it was.  He didn't know.

"Honey, where did you buy it?"
"Target, its really nice.  But, I can't give it to you." 
I asked some detail questions and decided he had bought me something and lost it between the cash register, the bus and home.  He had searched the WHOLE house and was quite frustrated.

He then announced (at 7:30) that we needed to go to Target so he could show me what he had bought me.  I told him that I was tired and it would be better if he just told me what he had purchased.  "Its the thought that counts, so don't worry about it."

He got very indignant and said that it did matter and that we NEED TO GO TO Target.  I convinced him that we could do it today on the way to CLUB/work since the Target he is referencing in 10 miles away but on the way to where we are going anyway.  He settled for that option.

This morning, bright and early, we headed out to our normal locations and stopped by Target.  He went to the jewelry counter and found that there were no other earrings like those he had purchased.  I said that I really don't need anymore earrings but that he sentiments were sweet. 

As we left the store, I watched as he looked down at every step and checked out the bus stop outside just in case the earrings had been dropped and no one retrieved them.  I suggested that the universe probably allowed someone who really needed the earrings to find them.  We decided that maybe ALL the items he has lost recently are merely donations to people in society who need them worse than us.  Great idea.

So, when I consider all the items, I have to report that there are people out there who needed:

4 pairs of Gary's prescription eye glasses
2 hats
1 pair of earrings
2 dog leashes
Too many combs to count
Chewing gum
Millions of dollars in cash (just kidding, but its a lot)
1 gold coin (1 ounce, currently worth $1271)
...and socks....lots of socks....

So, if you are needing something special, please send a note to the universe and Gary and I will make special arrangements to secure that item for you! (NOT!)

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