Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bras, TRIKKES and a bicycle!

Sundays are a great day for a nap.  After church, lunch and Gary's haircut, we came home and promptly had a restful nap.  I awoke after an hour and decided to go to Kohl's to do some "needed" shopping.  At first, Gary said he wanted to go but then decided to try and nap some more.  It was good to have some alone time, even though it quickly turned frustrating. 

You see, I needed new bras.  Guys, you may never understand the frustration of bra shopping but it is a horrible experience. Women understand the trauma.   I am convinced that every few years, all bra manufacturers get together and change the sizes so when a desperate woman goes to the store to shop for a bra, they end up buying several.  Here is the scheme rolled out for you.  A woman walks into a store to try on bras....there are thousands...all sizes and all colors... the woman has changed sizes since her last purchase so she is confused by two things: 1) what is her new size based on reality and 2) what is her new size based on the manufacturers' master scheme?

Anyway, she tries on what appears to be several hundred sizes until she finds two that "might do".  Out of frustration, she buys four.  Two of one style in nude and black and two of the other.  Whew.....glad that is over. Now, on to the fun part of looking for cute work skirts for summer.

Then, the phone rings and I saw Gary's snorkeling picture on my phone.

"Hi honey, this is your husband, Gary."  "I know, honey, I always know its you as your picture appears on my phone. So, you never have to identify yourself when you call my cell phone." He went on to tell me that he was having difficulty putting his trikke and bicycle back together.  He said he was feeling confused.  He asked how long I was going to be.  I explained that I had a few more things to buy and that I did not want to be rushed.  He accepted that I would be home soon.  Of course, after that, I lost interest in shopping and started toward the cash register. 
A few minutes later, he called again and had slipped into a deep place. He said that he was having a very difficult time processing everything and that he was feeling extremely overwhelmed. I told him to sit tight and that I was headed home.  Upon arrival, he was laying on the sofa watching television.  His voice is very quiet and pitiful when he gets in this place. 
In the garage, we found my TRIKKE. Mine was still folded and he opened it easily. I found his TRIKKE outside by the garage door.   I couldn't figure out what he was talking about his TRIKKE being broken, as he said the gears weren't working.  The TRIKKE does not have gears.  He had just used it yesterday and it was working fine.  I told him to ride it around the back patio and he did with no issues.  He said the brakes weren't working, but they were after several tests.  Mine worked fine,too.  I'm not sure where his mechanical difficulties were coming from other than maybe he dreamed about it. Okay, next source of confusion was his bicycle. 
Remember, a previous post where the nice man brought Gary and his bicycle home in pieces.  It had never been reassembled.  He put on the front tire and then tried the back tire.  Between the brakes, the chain and the grease, we couldn't get the tire right.  I reminded him that I am not the mechanical one in the family and that I could help him no further. That just added to his overwhelm.
We came back in the house and I promptly tried to find ways to take his mind off the overwhelm and confusion.  After several futile attempts, a complete facial worked.  Dermabrasion peel, clay and rinsing.  He relaxed on the bed while I fixed dinner.  He came down about an hour later and appeared completely normal. 
We had a nice dinner and he once again explained that cutting all his food up in small pieces and mixing it together is perfectly normal.  He took out the trash and put away the dishes. 
It won't be long before we go to bed.  Thank you, Lord for giving us a peaceful evening.

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