Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why does he get so stressed on Sunday afternoons? Could it be me?

Gary seemed to be a little "off" all day.  He just couldn't seem to focus correctly in Bible study.  He has learned to "fake it" when he doesn't understand something.  He will either make light of it, make a joke or just repeat what someone has said if they have asked a question.  I could see right through it today....the problem is that I did not see if for what must be years.

After church, I went to the American Cancer Society Store to drop off some donations.  He was so sleepy and out of it that he stayed in the car, in the heat, with the windows down and took a nap. After that I asked if he was hungry and he replied in the positive.  I asked if he wanted a hamburger and he replied that he didn't care.  (I will eventually learn not to fall for that one!).  I drove to Five Guys and parked.  He asked what we were doing there and said that he did not want to eat there. I asked what he wanted and he said, "can't we buy something at the store and go home?"  Sure, honey.

I remembered that I had purchased barbequed ribs last week and they were still in the refrigerator that looks like Sanford and Son's junkyard.  (For those youngins in the crowd, Google that one) In all the chaos of this appliance, I actually forgot I had baby back ribs.  He nodded approval and after two stops, we headed home.

I put the ribs in the oven and set it for 45 minutes....just long enough for Gary to finish his nap. An hour and half later he awoke.  I asked why he was so sleepy and he had no answers.

We ate lunch and did the dishes.  He asked if I wanted to go to a movie.  I knew Jersey Boys was opening this weekend and thought it would be light enough for him.  Anything with a complicated plot is just too much for him anymore.  We forgot to take a jacket for him to the movie and that soon proved to be a big mistake.  Once he is cold, getting his attention span back is near impossible.  I wrapped my sweater around him like a child and he stayed warm.

Halfway through the movie, he started making noises of overwhelm and displeasure.  I asked what was wrong and he mumbled a response.  A few minutes later he said, "Have you seen enough?"  "No, we are not walking out of another movie.  Please stay and let me watch the rest of the movie, okay?"  He nodded and of course, I missed what Frankie Valli and his partner agreed to when they shook hands.....UGH!!!! I found out later.

He hung in there and by the musical finale he was signing along and tapping his feet.  We stayed through all the credits just so he could listen to the music.  So, here is my deduction:  Music=good.  Any plot what-so-ever:  Not good.  (Most TV shows have to be explained to him now and that takes alot of the joy out of the activity as he asks explanation questions in the middle of scenes.

We got home and we determined it was trash and recycle night. He got irritated when I would not let him put all three cans to the curb.  After I told him for the umpteenth time (every week) that the waste people do not pick up recycle and green waste on the same week, he calmed down and announced he wanted something to eat.

Then after announcing how overwhelmed and tired he was, he decided now was the time to move the exercise equipment around and to bring the Total Gym from our exercise room on the second floor to the TV room on the first.  Mission accomplished and he is now working out on the Gazelle.  I have to admit it was a great idea due to the fact that the exercise room triggers my claustropobia and I haven't used it in a year and a half.  Might actually use it now.

This week will probably be extremely heavy for both of us.  There are some big events going on with the College and he is aware of them.  Perhaps that is where some of his anxiety is coming from and causing his issues.  So, I, again have to bear the weight on my shoulders.  Perhaps I should read, "Atlas Shrugged" again.  Glad I restocked my products today.
See you all soon with more adventures in the life of GRG and Merge (our nicknames).

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