Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lives fulfilled

Its been a few days since I went to see Gary.  I had Bible study and appointments on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I worked late due to needing to catch up at Work.  On Friday, I met an old friend for Dinner.  On Friday night, I decided to go to Virginia because my Dad is in rough shape.  Pancreatic inflammation and Conjestive Heart Failure.  I spent a lot of the evening planning my trip and trying to find a good flight.

This morning, Saturday, I headed for Gary's place as soon as Heather, Xander and I finished breakfast. When I got there, he was sitting in the chair sleeping.  All the residents were sleeping.
I thought of waking him, but he was so comfortable despite the slump. I held his hand and he grasped my hand with the familiarness of a 31 year marriage.  He knew my hand without ever opening his eyes.  I whispered to him that I have been busy and that I was sorry for not visiting him.  No reaction.

I also told him that I would be leaving to visit my Dad in Virginia.  I said "Do you remember my Daddy, Wallace?"  He whispered, "Wallace."  I told him that I thought my dad is dying and that I have to go. He made no sound but squeezed my hand harder.  I have no doubt that he knew what I said and comprehended the depth.

I sat with him until he opened his eyes right before the food was served.  I think he smelled the barbeque chicken. I gave him water and a straw.  He drank the water and juice down in several gulps.  Some things never change.

As I fed him lunch, I was starting to get antsy because I had so much to do to get ready for my trip.  Laundry, packing and Medicine prep.  As soon as he was done eating, I wheeled him into his room and trimmed his beard and moustache. At one point, I leaned over him and attempted to cut his nose hairs.  He slipped his hand up my skirt.  I thought, "Who are you, Donald Trump?"  I stopped him and then realized that he really did know me.  Ironically, I was reminiscent of 31 years together.   I finished his trimming and wheeled him out to the living room.  I gave him a new copy of "National Geographic". I snapped this picture before I left.

I firmly believe that he will not know when I return after a week that I have been gone.  He is safe and well-cared for at "The Happy Place".  I am grateful.

When I think of God's purpose, I am mesmerized by his plan.  I know not what it is but am positive that it is masterful and both Gary and I are pieces of the plan.

Thank you Lord for the full lives of my father, Wallace Arnold and my husband, Gary Gerard.

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