Sunday, December 4, 2016

I know Gary is "Terminal"

Gary has a roommate at the "Happy Place". Let's call him Ricardo. He has lived there for quite some time and is probably 90+.  In five months, I have never had a conversation with him as he is not very verbal.  I always say hello and sometimes there is a smile in return.

Recently, Ricardo sleeps a first in his chair.  Now, he is in the bed most of the time.  I had to go into Gary's room to get some supplies and asked one of the caregiver/angels if it was okay to go in while he was sleeping.  She said, "Of course.  He sleeps a lot now."  I said, "He doesn't feel well, huh?"  We both knew what I was asking and she said, "No, he's not well." Every time I walked in that room yesterday, I held my breath and watched for his breathing.  Its goofy, I know but I'm not ready to lose these precious people.

The prospect of dying is an unusual thought. I know Gary is "terminal" and for the most part, all the residents are.  Well, for that matter, we all are.  But having such a large concentration of old or infirmed people in one place is daunting.  Yesterday, one of my favorite residents had a sore throat and was crying.  As they waited for her son to come take her to the doctor, the angels all took great care of her....offering chicken soup, tea, honey, etc.

The other night, one of the residents passed out at the table.  I thought she had coded.  Within minutes of them calling 911, she had recovered.  Watching the whole team in action was amazing.  I feel good that Gary is there and not at home with us. 

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