Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unnecessary Resistance

Sundays are special days that Gary and I share together, starting with praising our Lord.
This morning we slept a little later than normal after an exhaustive evening of trying to find my Galaxy 5 charger that Gary moved to plug in his electric shaver.  No problem as long as he leaves what he unplugs nearby.....I still don't know where he found it but he did.  We also cannot find the electrical cord for the new neck massager.  This house is not that big.

We ate spicy sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast and then headed out to church. THe music today was spectacular and Pastor Jerry was "on".  One of my favorite parts of the service was watching the family of four in front of us.  Two young teen girls and their mother were singing, holding each other, holding hands, hugging and happy.  THe one girl reached out for her dad to make sure he was included in the praise.  It was such a geniune, beautiful expression of their love for Christ.  I got pretty choked up.  To me, it was how we should all be everyday and probably how Jesus feels when we praise him.

The service taught me again about leaning on Jesus because he died for us.  He took away the chains if we just realize it.  So, of course, I started thinking about Gary and our relationship.  It is so filled with love.  At the same time, filled with a lot of pain, torment, confusion, frustration, disappointment, etc.  In reality....we choose to see it that way. 

I think of times when I get frustrated with Gary and yell or push him more than I should.  That is MY problem.  I am still healthy and should understand that he cannot help the things he does.  He can't remember, Ada. He loses what?

After church we headed to the mall for the first time in the seven years we have lived in Elk Grove.  I needed to buy two gifts for some friends.  Gary helped my navigate through the jewelry sections at Macy's and Norstrom until I found the right gifts.  He was a great help and has very nice taste.  I hope my friends like the gifts he so carefully chose.  Of course, he wanted to buy me something, but it was not my day for gifts.

We discussed our upcoming move quite a bit and he was helpful in planning rooms, etc.  He was "on" today.  Thanks, Lord.

We went out for lunch and then home for a nap.  No frustration today.  We sat out and enjoyed the sunset while we ate popcorn and fake beer for dinner.  (its nice to not have to be a role model for any children).


He is enjoying the massage chair while I write.  If I can just remember what I learned and realized today, maybe I am one step closer to better managing the situation.  Where I run into trouble is when I try to take control when in actuality, God is in control anyway.  I am just providing unnecessary resistance.  Right?

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