Sunday, August 3, 2014

Turbo massage chair to the rescue!

I read an article today in the Sacramento Bee (part of a series) about a family having to put their Alzheimer's infected Mom into an assisted living facility. 

First, understand that other than this one article, I think the Sacramento Bee is an example of poor journalistic showmanship.....and I have many examples to cite.   There, that is out of my system.

Anyway, the article referenced the mother's decline over the years to include memory loss, paranoia, panic, confusion and how she had gotten to the point that a family member had to be with her always.  It was a terrible toll on the family.  It discussed the feelings of guilt the family had because the mother accused them of broken promises. 

I feel many of the same feelings and we are nowhere near her advanced stage of the disease.  Gary has some very good days.  Then, there are the others.

Heather and her son were here for a week to assist because Gary's CLUB was closed.  She is an angel with waaayyy more patience than me.  They got along well and she settled several discussions between us.  At one point, I was trying to explain to Gary (for at least the 100th time) why he could no longer drive.  It got louder and louder.  We were in his office on the second floor and I yelled down to the kitchen, "Heather come help me!"  She did and eventually, he calmed and for that moment, accepted the fate whether he agreed or not.

The hard part of sharing these stories on the blog are the judgment I experience by all the people who "know better".  On one hand, I know that many people do know more than I do and that is why I do share....perhaps I can help someone else.  On the other hand, it makes me angry because I don't know it all.  The control freak in me screams silently when I do not know how to navigate a situation.

I'm going through an extremely stressful time at my job.  Most of it I don't share with Gary as it would just overwhelm him more.  So, I try to find other sources to replace my once brilliant businessman who used to help me so much with minor and major issues.  About two years ago, he told me that he could no longer help me with my work problems as he had taught me everything he knew.  How sweet.  I guess that statement was a precursor to a loss that was to come. How sad.   At least I learned while I could.

We bought a turbo, super awesome massage chair at the State Fair.  Its like a small sports car.  Gary and I had spent at least an hour apiece in it every night.  He loves it.  This also explains the decline in blog posts.  If you could have your entire body massaged or write a blog, which would you do?

Here, Gary is just trying the chair.  When properly reclining, the arms are completely covered by massaging, pressure airbags, has zero gravity and blue tooth for music.  Instead of going on a luxury vacation this year, we now have luxury every night.

Wow, what an experience.  The best night yet for Gary was a hot anti-stress bath and THEN the massage chair. 

I recommend this chair for everyone who has any stress in their life.  In fact, Gary wants to call the company and become a salesperson for them.....


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