Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Voicemail messages...this is your husband

"Hey honey, this is your husband." 
"Hey honey."
"Hey there."

These are all greetings I have in my voicemail messages from Gary.  Hundreds of them.  All the beginnings are similar.  Of course, messages followed with contents like the following:

  • Where are the keys to the BMW? (Gary's license was invalidated by the state when he was diagnosed with dementia and I have to hide the keys because he does not accept the decision and appeal.)
  • Where are the plates?
  • I can't find Diva's water bowl.
  • The bus is late.
  • If you don't tell where the BMW keys are, I will hot wire the car, do you understand?
  • I can't find my wallet.
  • The maids stole my wallet.
  • Is my wallet in your car?
  • I'm sitting in the massage chair and I can't turn on the television.
  • Is there anything you need me to pick up at the store? (He can't drive, remember?)
  • Is there enough room in the new house for us and the kids?
  • Have I told you lately how much I love you.
  • I can't find the green pepper plant.  Is it in the yard?
  • I just left you a message to tell you I love you.
  • I want you to take me to the DMV so I can take my driver's test.
  • Can you tell me where to find Diva's poop bags?
  • I need the credit card number....
  • I have a customer service rep on the phone and I need the credit card....
  • Diva and I walked a really long way, can you come get us?
  • I applied for a medical job today.  Why won't you let me get a job? 
Everyday is the same.  Everyday is different.  No worse, no better.

I am starting to interview companions for him for when he is home on Thursday and Friday.  I haven't told him yet....not sure how I am going to present that idea. 

Here is the job description:  "....must have computer skills, be bonded, be able to walk two+ miles and keep a 65 year old, high-functioning dementia victim out of trouble..."


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