Saturday, March 14, 2015

Can you walk any slower?

I spent the whole day with Gary and I am truly tired and is he.

We got up super early for a Saturday so that we could get ready in time to go for breakfast before we had to drive to Elk Grove to get our haircuts.  I watched Gary carefully to make sure he was progressing through his morning ritual to ensure we could leave on time.  At some point, I stopped watching him so he forget to shave.  He looked quite unshaven all day. 

He poked through everything so we did not have time for a menu breakfast and went to Carls Jr for a quick meal.  We arrived at the new salon (same hair professional at a new salon) right on time.  Normally, she colors my hair and cuts Gary's hair while mine is "cooking".  He was a little unsettled at the new place and said hello to Everybody who walked in the shop and asked all kinds of interesting questions.  Two and a half hours later, we left and headed to Pet Smart and Sprouts. The theme for the day was "how slow can you go?"  He could not have a sense of urgency nor move beyond SLOW all day.  Everywhere we went, he poked along and walked behind me.  I repeatedly asked him to keep up with me, held his hand, etc. 

He just couldn't seem to think clearly all day.  I was so frustrated most of the time.  I get very irritable in these situations and am not pleasant. He knows it and gets overwhelmed. 

We came home and took a nap.  It took him hours to come down.  We went for a long walk with our dog and he moved like a snail.  On the last stretch home, I thought he would need carrying.  Upon reaching the front door, he asked for water and said he was hot and wanted to put on shorts.  Then, very quickly, he announced he wanted to go for a longer walk.  Diva was done and frankly, so was I.  He fought me and kept asking until I distracted him by sitting in our back yard.

He took Sedalia and Tension Tamer tea.  I fixed vegetables for dinner and as we sat down I noticed he was not overwhelmed.  I must admit it was pleasant for a little while.

He cleaned up all the dishes and loaded the dishwasher without asking.  He fixed ice cream and cookies, fed the dog and is sitting quietly.

It is amazing the ups and downs. 

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