Thursday, February 20, 2014

Medication making a difference

About six weeks ago, Gary started taking one of the dementia medications.  The doctor said to make sure we did not expect more than a 5-10% improvement in his cognition.  I am seeing an improvement and who am I to say whether it is x or y percentage improvement? I don't care, it helps.

Another part of the trials of dementia are the frustration he experiences of not being able to think like before the disease. He gets very anxious and then things really go south.  So, I called his doctor and she doubled one of his medications that is used in many patients for seizure disorders. She explained that it relaxes the neurons in the brain. That is REALLY working.

When I got home from a killer day, I found a reorganized refrigerator, a mowed and cleaned lawn and a neat desk.  He is very tired from the lawn work and remembers that clue who reorganized the refrigerator....must have been gremlins. 

I'm the one who is grumpy and incorrigible today.  Guess I'm allowed. 

By the way, many have asked why Gary doesn't drive.  He would if allowed but the State of CA revokes the drivers license when one is diagnosed with dementia.  At least the state has some redeeming qualities.

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