Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Case of the Reappearing Procera Order....and the Silver Coin Purchase....

One of the things that I had to keep a close eye on with Gary was our bank account.  For quite some time, when he still had access to credit and debit cards, I would come home to find interesting boxes with items he had ordered.  He would buy real estate courses, investments, etc. and have no explanation for what or why he had purchased them.  So, but six months ago, I hid his credit cards and made it "impossible" for him to make unapproved purchases.  Sure, Ada.....believe that one!

As Gary's doctor says, "He is very smart and will find ways to work around your rules. You will always have to outsmart him."  I found quickly, that she is right.  For example, one day he called me to say, "Since you took my credit cards away, I had to use my good name to buy the silver."  Ok, reader....think about that for a moment.

I inquired, "What silver?"  He quickly responded that there was 300 ounces of silver being delivered to the house the next day and that we owed the broker $7250 within 3 days.  Really?  He managed to find the phone number to the broker who was a total butt.   I explained that my husband has dementia, that I have power of attorney and that he is not authorized to purchase any investments. (When he had ordered items in the past, this approach worked to get out of the deal or was able to return the items.)  He stated that the purchase had been made and that the silver had been shipped and that without payment, we would be sent to collections.  I checked with an attorney, who said that indeed, Gary had made a legal purchase that was binding.  Luckily, I needed some silver in my portfolio.  After an incredible "come to Jesus" with him about the importance of not sharing his personal information with strangers, he seemed to grasp the concept and we went for several months with no issues.

Just when I thought we had conquered that problem, the phone rang one day over the weekend and it was a salesperson selling the product Procera.  Gary listened to the entire pitch and decided, despite my jumping up and down saying NO, NO, NO, that he NEEDED the product to save his memory.  I told him to hang up on the operator which Gary refused to do because that would be rude.  So, while the salesperson was on hold, I explained to Gary that he had purchased the same offer over a year ago and that he had taken the products which ultimately showed no improvement in his brain. I adamantly told him that we would not spend an additional $250 on this product.  He told the operator that his wife would not let him buy it and that I had taken away his credit cards.  He whined like a child and I'm sure the operator thought I was mistreating this poor man.  He finally hung up and I covered AGAIN, why the purchase would not make a difference in his cognition.  After all, we had tried the product.   There, conversation over.  Right, Ada.

About a week later....a box arrived....

I was shocked.  Of course, Gary had no idea how he had managed to have the products shipped, after all, I had taken his credit cards. Badgering him about "how" produced no results.  So, I check the bank account and found that Gary somehow had found our checking account number and provided a bank draft to the operator who called back because he felt "sorry" for Gary.  Salespeople can be very self-motivated, can't they? I was so irritated that I screamed.

I brought the box to work and shared my frustration with Erica.  She said to call UPS and return the box for a refund.  I did.  Finally, rid of the pesky Procera and its unscrupulous salesman. Or so I thought.

I came home yesterday and found these products which I shipped back to the company lying on he counter.  Gary, "Where did these come from?"  "Honey, I don't know....I just answered the door.  Didn't you order them?"  Obviously, he had no memory of the entire incident. 

Upon further investigation, UPS had picked up the order at the college from me and rather than return them to Procera, they delivered them to my house.  I think the box must be cursed!!!!!!! 

So, I will spend time calling the company and getting an RMA and attempting AGAIN to send the product back for a refund.  I sure love my man, but sometimes this is frustrating!!!!!

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