Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The warm waters of Mexico

Gary has always loved diving.  We have been beneath the deep blue sea together in Aruba and the British Virgin Islands off Virgin Gorda.  When we went to Mexico last year for our anniversary, I decided not to go snorkeling.   I wanted to watch him and enjoy the boat and the sights.  Well, the real story is that I have an incredible fear of water and the first two dives were an absolute fluke that I put my head under water.  Snorkeling for me is a real terror! I'm a total freak-a-zoid.  Anyway...

Gary suited up and got ready for the snorkel trip.  The boat crew assumed all knew exactly what to do.  Gary, being an "old pro" was the first off the boat.  He started swimming.....and swimming and total got away from the line put out by the boat.  The crew member swam after him and got him back with the group.  It was a choppy day so they did not last long.  Apparently, it was a crappy experience that day in Isla Mujeres.

None-the-less, he came out of the water happy and ready for a margarita.  We went shopping after and had a great time driving a golf cart around the island.  I let Gary drive since we didn't need a license on the island.  He had a blast.

We bought another time share on that trip....guess I'm a die-hard for vacations.  I'm not afraid to travel with him as long as I keep my constant eye on him.  I need to plan this year's trip.  I am determined to have a good time.

So , see blog-friends, not all stories are awful.  Just wanted you to know that not all days are sad. Oh yeah, I learned to insert pictures!

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