Friday, April 11, 2014

Yard work makes all the difference!

We live in a house with an incredible backyard.  The previous owner spent tons of money on the following:

lemon tree
pomegranate tree
persimmon tree
fig tree
nectarine tree
olive tree
3 rose bushes, azaleas
grape arbor with two mature plants
artichoke plant
plentiful mint plants
and this time of year, extremely large flower beds full of weeds!!!

Gary has spent the last two days using a spade, shovel, rake and his hands to clear out only 1/4 of the flower bed.  There are NO weeds left.  He did a magnificant job refining the dirt and making it ready for planting.

Lately, when he does anything, he gets really tired.  I checked on him both days frequently and found that he was staying hydrated, taking his medication on time, eating when hungry and resting.  He not only got all that done but also blew all dirt out of the three car garage and did two loads of laundry.  AMAZING. 

Each night, I fixed dinner, calming teas and a RELAXING soaker bath.  He has been almost normal.  He has slept both nights.

Tomorrow we will plant the garden for the summer.  I look forward to spending the day with him. I hope I will not need incredible patience.....

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  1. Perhaps you two have found the secret to health, mental and physical. Working in God's soil, outside in fresh air, getting your hands dirty, pulling weeds, planting flowers and vegetables, oh so rejuvenating! This long winter made all of us stir-crazy with cabin fever and we all need to get outside and get refreshed! Keep up the good work, guys!