Saturday, April 5, 2014

Adventures have been a large part of our lives....we started at Stoney Creek resort in 1985 and have traveled, off and on since.

One thing about Gary is that he was, and still is a thrill seeker. For example, when we discovered that the world did not blow up or shut down after Y2K, he decided we needed to find a retirement destination. We did.  In Panama. We built a 4300 square foot house on the 9th fairway of a beautiful golf course, in a valley, that is just sitting and waiting on us.  Its nicer than the home we live in....Can't afford to quit my job and move there.

We have been there several times. Twice when buying the lot and building and once since it was finished. 

This is us around 2003 on the Los Quetzales trail which is near the house in Panama.  You can hike for hours and not see anyone.  However, every view has clouds and a glimpse or full view of the Volcano.  Beauty is everywhere.
While we were building once we did a tour of Panama City and the Panama Canal via helicopter.  We have a video is Gary outside the chopper.  It was a blast.
Gary and I always like hiking when we go to foreign is hike outside Boquete on the way to a beautiful waterfall.  It stormed that day and we ended up taking refuge in a bus stop (three cement walls) in the woods until the rain stopped.

Then, as always, Gary was ready for a new adventure.
This is a different adventure in the West Indies in the rain forest at St. Lucia.  We stayed there for seven days in two different resorts and in both places, we were the only guests.  It pays to travel off season.  This was a dreadfully humid hike but the photo opportunity was priceless.

Here we are all "cleaned up" after the hike.  The two Pitons in the background were not a hike we took that trip.  Never will. After those seven days, we took a Windjammer Pirate Cruise through the West Indies with a bunch of crazy people.
Here is Gary dressed as Captain Fluke. We lost the sailboat building contest.  We could not use any money and had to gather supplies to build the boat from things we found on an island.  Not too bad a boat for trash.

Oh yes, and then there was the 10 day packing trip in the high Sierras. 
We prepared for five months, hiking everyday.  This is our picture the day we left...l was carrying 75 pounds of gear.  It was a trip for a different blog.
So, why am I posting all this?  I can't imagine doing these adventures now as I would have to plan, execute and manage every detail.  Its different with two doing it.  Gary can't handle it anymore. I think our adventures like these are over.
Perhaps the future adventures will look more like these:
relaxing on a remote beach....
Sitting next to a tree in Monterrey California
Spending time with the kids...
These types of adventures are more do-able....that is ok with me. 
Gary had a very difficult afternoon....high anxiety.  Lots of downer teas and herbs and a hot bath seemed to have done the trick.  We are sitting in bed and he is still exhaling and releasing stress.  I can't stand it much more.  I need something for me. 

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