Sunday, March 30, 2014

Smiles on his toes.....

The weekend was delightful...mostly. We arose Saturday morning to celebrate my birthday weekend.  Gary brought me coffee in bed, complete with "junk". (The first time we went to Panama we stayed at a bed and breakfast where the cook only spoke partial English and we spoke partial Spanish....I knew "cafe con leche" for coffee with milk but did not know how to say sugar...the cook knew how to put "junk" in coffee which was sugar and cream.  Every since, our coffee at home has junk.)

We got ready to leave for day, donned with Raincoats and umbrellas.  I got an email from my doctor that she wanted me to drop by Kaiser for some more blood tests as my Iron is low.  We were driving past Promenade Kaiser on the way to breakfast, so I decided to go to that one.  Of course, as we approached the parking lot, it was obviously empty as that location was closed.  I went to drive past and Gary got very upset as he thought the doctor had sent me an email for an appointment. We argued over whether or not the lab was open.  I pointed out that the parking lot was empty and there was no one there.  Since I was driving, I kept going and we went to Bert's Diner for breakfast.  After a great meal of Chicken and Waffles (new to the menu) we headed on to Folsom. 

The GPS took us through a gazillion puddles straight to Cloud's Porcelain.  Some ladies at the CLUB (Gary's daycare) had told him this was a good place to purchase a birthday gift for me.  We spent some time there and I picked out a vase, a sponge holder for the kitchen and a treat jar for Diva.  We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing through the shops in the Historic section of Folsom and ended at the Folsom Historic Museum.  We paid $4 each to visit the self-guided tour of the museum.  Of course, there was a section devoted to Folsom Prison.  The guide mentioned that there was a June and Johnny room in the back behind the prison bars if we needed it.  We quickly discovered the bathroom complete with Johnny Cash posters and music that plays when the door was opened. 

We decided to head back down the hill and got coffee at Starbucks and hot dogs at Costco.  When we went in, Gary said that he had to go to the bathroom so I told him I was going to jewelry and that he should meet me there when he finished.  After he walked off, I thought about it and realized that splitting up probably meant that he would get lost or distracted and that everything would take longer.  So, I stood still by the front door and waited on him to walk back from the restroom.  After about 15 minutes, he still wasn't back.  I heard him come up from behind me from the back of the store.  Somehow he had slipped through the cash registers and walked through the back of the store thinking I had gone to the seafood section (after all we went there for salmon, right?).
We did buy the salmon and went home for a nice meal using the new Lemon Olive oil and Peach Balsamic we had purchased at the Olive Oil tasting at one of the shops.  We went to bed early.
Around 4:45 am, I heard him being restless.  When you have been married for 28 years, one hears everything the other does.  Every sound is familiar.  So, loud exhales and frustrated "hhmpss" mean that I was not going to get any more sleep until I addressed his condition. So I asked what was wrong and the next hour was spent trying to explain to him why our house number is 10005 but our mailbox number (shared mailbox with whole community) is box #4 and not box #5. We are the fourth house and we are box 4.  It has been that way since we moved here.  In fact, yesterday afternoon, I took him out and showed him that our key did not fix box #5.  He said he had a conversation with the mailman and that he was convinced the mailman was putting our mail in the wrong box.  I explained that we get mail everyday, so even if the mailman was wrong, that we were still getting our mail. 
There is no logic to why the mailboxes are set up the way they are.  I didn't care.  He could not let it go.  This turned into a full scale argument with me leaving and sleeping in the guest room.  I released all the anger I could and was about to fall asleep (30 or so minutes later)when he came in the room still escalated to about a 9 over the mailboxes.  I was so aggravated!  I finally got him calm enough to leave me alone and go back to bed.  He woke me up at 9:00 and I don't know whether he slept or not.
We went to church and then out to lunch.  I took him to get pedicures.  He so loves sitting in the massage chairs. 
He ended up getting his nails painted like last year.  Tien is one of the owners who is the resident artist. (see pic) The ladies there so enjoy his visits as he is always smiling and happy and cracking jokes.  This Gary is the guy with whom I fell in love. He was clear, laughing and happy.  He does so much better when there is no pressure.  Gee, don't we all?
We came home, took a nap, took the dog for a walk and fixed dinner. 
Now, we get ready to go to work and the CLUB tomorrow.  I am always eager to see what the week will bring.  I will stop by Kaiser in the morning. 

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