Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today was a good day!


After dinner, I got out the computer and Gary asked what I was going to write.  I answered that I wasn't yet sure but that I needed to write as today was a good day and that I should not just write on bad days.  He said, "It's nice to have a good day once in a while."  However, he wanted the title of this blog to be more positive, so we came up with TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY.

We arose early and prepared for a big day at The CLUB.  We were out late at dinner and "The Rhythm of the Dance" last night, so I had not made breakfast smoothies.  After taking vitamins, packing to-go vitamins/prescriptions, feeding Diva and making sure we had the entire checklist of important take-alongs, we headed toward the Chiropractor.  Though we were running late, we chose to stop and Starbucks to get coffee and a breakfast sandwich for Gary. 

The nice part of having Gary in the car for the commute is our ability to take the carpool lane....so, despite Gary accidently spilling hot coffee on his jeans and the front seat, we arrived on time.  I experienced normal harrassment regarding my unsafe driving (boy have roles changed over the years :)), but there was no tension, no confusion on Gary's part and no drama.  He really enjoyed the care he received from Doctor Brad.

I dropped him off at THE CLUB and left while he was helping Ruby with craft paper for the project that would begin their day.  I had a full day at work crammed into a few hours before I left to get Gary.  At 2:20, I sneaked into the back of the room and watched the entire group in what appears to be their communication circle.  Gary had his back to me and did not know I was there.  Ruby was telling the group about their interactions that day and thanked Gary for assisting in the kitchen this morning.  All the ladies thanked him.  She also said that some of the ladies had left already in the bus (Paratransit).  I was shocked that Gary spoke up and said that he had applied to take the same bus and that he was waiting on a response.  (He remembered something that I have been working on for him....he was listening after all.)

He said goodbye to everyone and said that he would be back tommorow. I reminded him that he normally goes to Bible study on Wednesday and he said that he would rather go to the CLUB.  He felt needed.

We went back to Heald and he literally read a Joel Osteen book for almost three hours.  He stayed focused and other than a couple of trips to the bathroom, stayed focused on that book.  He was captivated.

When we left and drove home, he was exhausted and took a quick nap during the drive.  He helped roll the burritos for dinner and we carried on a lively, normal conversation.  I asked if he noticed that he was clearer today and he agreed.  We have no logical reason for the change. 

I asked if he still wanted to go to THE CLUB tomorrow instead of Bible study.  I needed to text Pastor to let him know.  He responded that he wanted to go to THE CLUB and then corrected himself.  He said, "I would rather call it the Care Center than the CLUB because they take care of us.''

God is good everyday.
Everyday, God is good.

I sure feel like dancing....

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