Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Heather visits with Alexander....

Heather and Alexander (2 1/2 years old) came to visit for a few days and help with "Papa".  We haven't seen Alexander since September and so he doesn't really remember us but knows us from pictures Heather shows him.  So we are "Papa and Gramma". Pretty cute, huh?

So, this morning, I got up really early and went to the grocery store to make sure we had the right food for guests.  I left the car keys for Heather in case they wanted to go somewhere and took the BMW for the day.  Gary was up when I left and worrying about making breakfast.  I told him to relax that Heather would be up soon and she would help.

About 9:30 I received a call asking how to start the Prius.  Logical question if one doesn't know how to start a hybrid.  As it turns out, they were going to the store to get yogurt and I pointed out the yogurt in the fridge.  In the early afternoon, I received a voice mail from Gary and he was very concerned that he needed to call Pastor Jerry to explain why he was not at Bible Study.  I called back to tell him that Jerry and I had exchanged texts and that all was well.  I asked how the day was going and his response was "Phenomenal."  Not a normal word for him so I inquired why.  He said that Heather had been such a great help to him.  Why? She had helped him fix breakfast and they went for a walk. Then he took a nap.  The alarm that I set for him daily to take his vitamins went off and she tapped on his door to make sure he took his lunch pills.  He was comforted by that action. 

I didn't get home until 7:30 and then we all made tacos and had a nice meal together.  Heather reported on the days activities...she said that watching the 2 year old in a strange house with no toys is much higher maintenance than Gary.

Oh, other thing that happened today.  Gary told me that he had seen a Heald commercial on TV and wanted to go to my school.  He called the number, got one of our Admissions Advisors on the phone and scheduled an appointment to visit the school tomorrow.  Heather couldn't stop him.  We both explained why having dementia and going to school don't really match and for now, once again, he has given up on the idea.  After all, he worked in a hospital 45 years ago and he is experienced. 

I asked Heather if she wanted to write the blog tonight but she declined.  Poor thing is probably exhausted.  I am glad she is our daughter. 

Gramma just got a goodnight kiss.

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