Monday, March 3, 2014

Gary's First Day of Volunteering at the Adult Day Care Center....Or So I thought!

 The day started off smoothly.  Gary and I got up early, had coffee, fixed our protein smoothies for the hour long ride to Rancho Cordova and got all "ironed up" for his first day.  When I went to visit the site a couple of weeks ago, the lady gave me all the paperwork and made sure I understand that we needed a recent TB test in order for Gary to participate.  She said there was no need to make an intake appointment if we had all the paperwork complete...."just come on in."

So, in the car....

Coffee?  Check.
Smoothie?  Check.
Paperwork including TB test? Check.
Address in the GPS? Check.
Raincoat? Check.
Glasses?  Check.
Medication for lunch in the pocket? Check.
Cell phone? Check......
Packet of Tissues?  Check.
Book for Gary to read when I pick him up and he has to wait on me?  Check.
Cash for donation?  Check.

Whew....what could we have possibly forgotten? I had planned an hour commute in case of heavy traffic. OF course, today there was NO TRAFFIC so he didn't believe that every other day is truly heavy and this was a fluke.  We arrived at the location at 8:45.  No one was there.  Since we knew it started at 9:30, we settled in to wait for someone to show. 

Ooops, I have to go to the bathroom.  Lets drive back the way we came and go to McDonalds.  Done and back to the church. Still, no one was there.  I started to get a little concerned as Erica had said the day she went to check it out that they were there at 8:00.  So, this inquiring mind figured out that possibly they were closed for some reason.  Now, Gary has to go to the bathroom.  Back to McDonalds.

After repeatedly calling the number on the brochure and figuring that it was ringing inside the empty building and no one was answering that I had certainly overlooked some important detail.  Frustrated beyond belief, we drove back to Elk Grove.  After another smooth commute, we got home to find the original pamphlet that gave the annual schedule for the center.  This week is CLOSED.  ARGHHHH>>>>!!!!!(&**%^%(&%%) Yeah, I think I"m so smart and have everything figured out......oh well.

So, I made sure Gary had everything he needs and left for work.  We will have to trust another week is ok for him not to get into trouble....prayers for this precocious 65 year old are appreciated. :)

He is looking forward to volunteering next week.

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