Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

So, I'm 51 years old.  It's amazing I've lived this long.....

Today was fun.  We had a training at work for the Admissions and Financial Aid Advisors today, so I spent the morning sitting in with them.  At lunch, my team came into the lunch room and sang happy birthday and put an adorable Snow White Tiara on my head.  My team knows me well and knows that I think this was funny and precious.  The teams from the other schools had funny looks on their faces.....probably didn't know what to think!  Then, the admissions team gave me a beautiful floral arrangement and a flower to attach to my hair.  It worked best on the Snow White tiara and it adorned my head the rest of the day!

My management team took me to lunch and we had a great conversation.  Its a very good group.  I am so lucky to have them as campus leaders.  Still wearing the tiara!

Right after we returned from lunch, Gary called me and was on his bike near Walmart and just needed to know he was going in the right direction.  I asked him why he was at Walmart and he said that he couldn't tell me.  I instantly remembered that I have taken away his credit/bank cards and that he had spent alot of his cash on massages last weekend.  I figured he was buying a birthday card.  I asked if he had enough money and he said that he had enough at Walmart but not enough at McDonalds. I asked him what he did.  He ate off the dollar menu.  I made sure he was headed in the right direction and we hung up.

We had a birthday cake party at 4:00 with the Academic Affairs and Student Services department.  (see tiara!)

I got caught up in the day and then received a call at 5:40 from Gary.  He was upset and sounded depressed.  He said that he had a very bad day and was having trouble functioning.  I ended my day and headed home.  I called him on the way and we chatted about various things and I was trying to figure out why he had slid so low in such a short period of time.  He said that he had purchased two beautiful birthday cards for me but now he couldn't find them.  He knew that he had them in a bag on his bike while at McDonalds.  He said he had looked everywhere for them and he assumed someone had stolen the bag off his bike. 

I suggested that we go to Walmart and have him show me the cards he had picked out rather than buy more.  He said okay and I picked him up. We went to Walmart and he looked through many cards and could not seem to find duplicates of the ones that he had purchased for me.  I told him if he spun around, closed his eyes and pointed to a random card that the card receiving the point would be the one the universe wanted me to have. He did and we netted a beautiful card.  He still did not seem content.

We bought a pizza and went home. He was very down and said that he was upset because he could not seem to keep the house as clean as he wants.  He had done an entire load of laundry and the kitchen was near spotless.  He pointed out two small specs of dirt.  I told him that the work he had done around the house this week was exceptional and that he had no reason to be concerned. 

He was freaked out over some email that he received regarding dementia.  I read the article and it was about the importance of vitamins.  I showed him each topic in the article and explained that he and I are taking all the supplements the article described.  He was very stressed over his full inbox so I put away important emails and deleted others.  I unsubscribed from about 20 unsolicited (or not unsolicited as Gary signs up for things and forgets)emails.  He used to get thousands of emails a week and I have managed to get the volume down to a couple hundred.  The alarm went off and we went to eat our pizza.

We fixed our tv trays and started to eat in front of the tv with the gas fireplace ablaze.  About ten minutes into dinner, something fell off the mantlepiece.  Surprise, it was one of my birthday cards he had purchased at Walmart.  He had purchased two, brought them home, addressed them and put them on the mantel for me to find.  He had forgotten he had put them there.  The cards are beautiful and full of love.  I will cherish them.  I told him thank you again. 

We put away the clothes he had washed and he wanted to go to bed at 8:15.  He needed to sleep as he was so "overwhelmed" by the day.  I decided to blog.  I typed most of this text once and then the site crashed and I lost it all....started over. 

I just watched a film clip from The King and I with Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr.  It was the clip where she fantasizes about dancing with her true love and she and the King end up dancing.  A magical theatre moment.  I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic. Gary and I have that kind of relationship.  It has just morphed into something deeper and more special than a romance.  It is pure, deep and dedicated love.  Thank you, Lord for such a special man.  Thank you for 51 years. 

Happy Birthday to me. I took off the tiara and will sleep next to my husband.

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