Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eat the ice cream!


Gary on snorkeling boat at Isla Mujeres Mexico - September 2013
This is my husband Gary.  He is 65 years old and has been diagnosed with dementia.  We are trying not to let that diagnosis label him.  Many people who run into him and talk with him, at first indication, would never know.  He is usually extremely positive, smiling and giving compliments.  Its only when recall is required or some sort of troubleshooting that people realize that "something is not right." 
Today was Wednesday and normally reserved for either Gary's Bible Study day or he goes to the Senior Care Center.  I was supposed to go to an event in Sacramento tonight, so I had no way to get him home, so day care was not an option today.  Bible study was cancelled due to a district meeting.  I was a little nervous having him home for the second day in a row. 
Backtrack:  yesterday he spent most of the day working on the back lawn, trimming, mowing, weeding, etc.  He was tired but seemed to have a great day and slept well.  No issues.
So, I was a little nervous going into day two, especially since it was raining.  I received a few voicemails and a couple of emails throughout the day but he seemed to be doing fine.  He served as weather tracker for me on my windy journey home.  (Tornado watches)
We fixed a healthy dinner and he read aloud to me from the book he is reading. The past couple of nights have seemed almost normal...that is a scary thought as I don't want to be disappointed.  I sure enjoy those normal days and I am confident that he does. 
He has spent quite a bit of time with Joel Osteen and Break Out.  The reading was about overcoming adversity.  There are many lessons in the world and often times, they find us and we don't have to look beyond our noses to find them!
Tomorrow is my 51st birthday.  Gary and I have decided to celebrate on Saturday.  The ladies at day care have told him about the town of "Old Folsom" and a particularly interesting Pottery shop that has specialty items.  He wants to buy me a present there.  I think that will be precious.  I'm looking forward to our day together.
Oh, BTW, my mother died 17 years ago today. I know in my heart that she intentionally did not die on my birthday.   Seems like yesterday that we talked every Sunday.  I often wonder what advice she would give me regarding my life if she were alive today. 
Here is my advice to all who are reading this.  Don't wait to say what you need to say to loved ones.  Ask the questions you want to ask before its too late.  Get long term care insurance before you need it.  Eat the ice cream if you want it.  Smile more.  Life is short. Look at Gary's picture above from last fall and mimic that very real smile.  He has a wisdom in that smile...

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