Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday night tired....

Heather and Alexander are still here and spent a very full day with Gary.  They went shopping and bought 40 pounds of dog food that would take Diva a year to eat, even if she ate that brand. Now, I'm required to make an unnecessary trip to Target.  Gary convinced Heather that Diva will eat anything....not!  Heather took Gary to the Chiropractor's office (remember that place?) and the doctor was not in this afternoon.  In the past, the other Doctor always serviced the patients, so I guess they are not doing that anymore.  As a trio, they went for a walk, skipped the afternoon naps, and we all went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Whew!

Its Friday night and I am at my limit.  I'm very thankful that we do not have to work tomorrow.  I visited my chiropractor this morning.  The visit started with a 15 minute chair massage, a 10 minute massage from his therapist and an extensive adjustment designed to get the "crick" out of my neck.  Both the therapist and the doctor referenced the muscles in my back and my spine as "rebar" and "cement".  The doctor kiddishly asked why I was so stressed and suggested that since I am the boss at the college that I reduce my own stress.  After explaining the entire situation with Gary's dementia AND my job, he backed off a little.  We had a good talk and I left more relaxed and "adjusted". 

But none-the-less, my entire day consisted of a sense of aggravation with everything.  I couldn't shake it.  Usually, between meditation, prayer and a product called "Sedalia", I am able to get calm.  Not today.  Perhaps it was the abbreviated sleep cycle from the night before where Gary talked most of the time after 4:00am about a speech he was supposed to make and a class he was supposed to be in this afternoon?  I am still convinced he had a dream and his mind doesn't know the difference.  I don't have a cognitive disorder and sometimes have extremely real dreams, so why can't it happen to someone with a disorder?  Perhaps my mood was related to just being tired. Perhaps it was related to having back to back to back appointments or obligations all day coupled with an overwhelming sense of wanting to run for the hills.  A day of hiking would have been nice.

It was employee appreciation day.  I have  a wonderful group of employees and I hope that today's activities fed their stomachs and their feel-good buttons.  A leader could not ask for a better group.

Right now, Gary, Alexander and Heather are in the guest room watching "happy Feet" on the guest computer.  The $10,000 surround sound system in our living room will not play a DVD.  It hasn't since December 2012.  I haven't given any energy to fixing it as it didn't seem important.  So, we tried to watch a movie on the DVD player and tv in Gary's office but found, that it too, was never connected after the move and I have no idea where the connecting cables are. 
When they started to approach the third tv which I knew was also not connected, I intervened and recommended the computer.  Heather got it. Now, they are dancing with the penguins.....I just want to sleep but its good to hear laughter.

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