Friday, June 10, 2016

Gary Gives the Answer

Today, I have been very quiet. I'm waiting to hear God's advise.  Instead of hearing some blaring voice, I am getting subtle clues. 

As I was lying on the massage table today, I had the thought that I need to talk to an old friend....a friend who has know us since 1989 and better than anyone else.  So, I did.  I called him and caught him completely off guard.  This is a friend who does not follow the blog and is not on Facebook.  I knew he did not know the latest.  I caught him up and explained our current plight.  What a horrible position to put a dear friend in but I did it.  I expressed that putting him on the spot was unfair but that I am living in an unfair world and I just needed his valuable input. 

I asked him what he thought Gary would want.  He answered exactly what I thought he would if I had been neutral all this time.  Gary would not want to be a burden and do anything to cause me pain or trouble. 

In reality, I thought about Gary's master plan to build his "Circle of Life Holistic Health Care Center".  A few years back he was planning for and raising money to build a Health Care Center for victims of Dementia and Alzheimer's.  He wanted a place where patients would consider it a home  while gaining expert care and having an inviting place for the families to want to come and visit. 

Gary gave me the answer waaay back then.  He wanted a place to go so that everyone would have the best possible situation. While he did not have the brainpower to finish the project and we aborted the project, he did know that he was headed there and wanted the best for all concerned. Someday I would like to finish his beloved project.

The places that I am investigating are about 1/2 of the things that he wanted.  They don't have bowling alleys, organic gardens and multiple religious centers.  But they do have good care, low caregiver ratios and access to medical care.  Gary gave me the answer.

Now, I need to do the best thing a wife can do and find the RIGHT place for him.  God will provide the resources and money.  He has led the plan so far.  Why would he let me down now?

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