Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Irony of it All - I have Pneumonia

Two weeks ago when the Neurologist gave me Gary's diagnosis, I had the opportunity to ask about death and the whens-wheres-hows of what could happen.

He indicated and I have done research since that shows the majority of deaths of people with FTD (Frontotemporal Degeneration) die from pneumonia. 

I have spent several days looking at Memory Care facilities and planning ahead.  It is horribly depressing. Then, on Wednesday evening I started coughing.  I pressed through Thursday and Friday at work but went to the doctor this morning to ensure that I still had two lungs in my chest.  He confirmed that I have Bronchitis and "a touch of Pneumonia".

How Ironic?  Was this sickness a self fulfilling prophecy or just a caregiver who works full time pressing too hard?  I think we know the answer.

The hard part of being sick is that my responsibilities with Gary do not stop.  I expressed to him that I am sick and need to rest.  He seems to understand to a point and keeps covering me up and touching me.  I am just trying NOT to breathe on him.

Today, through a series of odd events, I found a website for The Association of Frontotemporal Degeneration.  I read almost the whole site and found other blogs related.  I shared mine and we will see if it makes the publication.  All of a sudden, I have resources that understand exactly what Gary and I are going through with this evil disease. For anyone interested, the link is found here:

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