Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why 10,000?

I have only looked at two Memory Care facilities and I'm exhausted already.  Its probably just my attitude and I will work on that .....tomorrow.....tonight I am fighting a cough and cold.

Here is my dilemma, once Gary goes into a facility, I will be footing the bill by paying for the facility and dipping into savings.  I guess that is ok since we worked for savings our whole lives.  I should not expect help from anyone. 

So, for now, we are status quo.  We seem to be managing life now.....I am torn.  The doctors say I am providing great care for him.  He goes to day care, he has a caregiver and I take care of him at night.  He still knows me and I think he is safe.  Well, as safe as he will be anywhere.  If that changes or his condition changes, I will reevaluate.

He did scare me this morning.  When my alarm sounded to my usual "Jesus take the Wheel" alarm sound, I arise and go around the bed to see if he needs to use the bathroom.  Normally, we either go to the bathroom and then back to bed or he stays in bed while I go down and make coffee and get his morning pills.  He usually repeats whatever I say.

Today was different. As I stood next to the bed, he was staring through me and whispering numbers, in order.  I could not break his focus.  33, 34, 35, 36.......I talked to him, asked him questions and tried to get him to respond.  He continued counting through 100.  I wasn't sure what to do.  My thoughts went from "oh my, he just slipped to the next level" to "I'll just go downstairs and come back and he will be normal."  So, I went downstairs and came back in about 15 minutes.  He was still counting......he counted all the way through 3000 before I put him in the shower.  He counted (whispering still) through the shower.  Every time he was interrupted, he started back where he left off.

As we dressed and got in the car, he had reached 10,000.  At that point, he stopped. It was kind of like when Forrest Gump was running in the desert and just stopped.  For no particular reason, he was done.

We had George Strait on the media in the car and he sang "All my Exes live in Texas".  I did not know he knew the words.  Everyday is a new day.  Every night brings its challenges. 

All I can do is pray and trust that God's plan will lead us where we need to go in his time.  Prayers are appreciated.

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