Saturday, August 13, 2016

Confined to the Wheelchair

On Thursday I traveled from my home in Anaheim to my hometown of Waynesboro, Virginia.  The purpose of the trip was three-fold:  35th High School Reunion, Visit with my 83 year old Dad and attend a family reunion.  Though the schedule is jam packed with activity, I am sleeping heavily at night and getting some much needed Caregiver Rest. 

While attending a get together last evening, I received an email from my husband Gary's Memory Care Facility giving me the update I requested while I was traveling. It is amazing that I was surrounded by so much love from friends of old and laughter....lots of laughter and at the same time get more dreadful news. 

Basically, I was told that the new walker I bought Gary will go to little to no use due to his ability to ambulate.  The staff of the facility and the Hospice nurse have determined that even with the additional support, he is too fragile and shaky to walk anymore without serious risk of falling.  So, they have delivered a high back wheelchair that enables them to move him about easily, recline and prop up his feet higher.  

They are also trying a different medication to assist with his primal urges that have been manifesting at the dinner table.  i will report on how that is going for all interested parties.

Social media has made the sharing of this awful tale available to the world.  I was amazed at how many people follow this blog and our amazing adventure.  (If you have been a reader since the beginning, you will know that I prefer to call our Odyssey an adventure rather than a nightmare.) Just like in mythology and the Bible, many adventures have terrifying moments.  However, if one keeps the proper mindset, it is educational rather than scary.  

Thanks to all who read and support our journey.  Thanks for the prayers and support.  It came to my attention from talking face-to-face with some of my Facebook friends that they do not know how to share this blog outside of Facebook.  I have been asked to provide a link for sharing.  Here it is:

Or people can usually Google "Go to your Corners Blog" and find it easily. I would encourage sharing of the blog to anyone who may be suspect of a family member who is showing signs of this awful disease.  My words are not magic but may be helpful in certain least so they don't feel alone.

As for now, I know my Gary is in good hands whether I am there or not.  I will enjoy my time off and continue to pray for a miracle.  Only God can do that.

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