Sunday, August 7, 2016

Holding on tight.....

I arrived in time to assist with feeding Gary his lunch.  He said hello to me and started mumbling something under his breath.  I asked him to repeat.  He kept his voice low.  I put my ear to his mouth and heard, "Fifty eight, fifty nine...."

I moved away and checked out the surroundings.  Annie the dog came over and wanted on my lap so I picked her up to say hi to Gary.  He showed no reaction.  Just two days ago she did the same thing on her own and he loved it.

Obviously, every day is not the same.  For example, the Manager sat down with me yesterday and explained that Gary started taking his new medication on Monday.  On Tuesday however, while seated at the dinner table he pulled out his penis and was holding it so tight that they thought he would harm himself.  I did not receive any details regarding how they either distracted him from his laser focus or how someone may have pried his fingers away.  I think of the poor ladies who may have been sitting next to him....the horror.  Every day is a new adventure.
I don't seem to experience any of the exciting times when I visit.  Today consisted of him having lunch, trying to learn to use his walker and a potty break.  Those were exhausting for him and for me.  I left shortly thereafter and spent the day thinking. 
Should I buy him a better walker as the one Hospice provided is old and shaky?  I want him to have the best but I'm not sure how much longer he can walk.  His legs are like rubber bands but perhaps they are just weak.  I just answered my own question.  New walker it is.
What is it that I should do with my time?  Should I stay with him more despite the fact that he doesn't seem to notice.  When he is like that, I get nothing out of it and neither does he. 
I am going on vacation this week and will be gone for 7 days.....from this end that seems an eternity.  He probably won't notice too much.  I am anxious to get reports from the caregivers when I return. 

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