Wednesday, August 3, 2016

He just "is".

I arose early  this morning and took the dog for a walk.  I achieved my goal of getting to Gary's by 7:20 so I could spend time with him and feed him before going to work.

When I arrived, he was already seated at the table facing the door and he saw me come in to the room. I smiled really big and said "Good morning, Honey!"  With instant recognition he responded, "Good Morning, Honey."

We sat together and I made small talk with him as I rubbed his arms and held his hands.  After a few minutes, he fell asleep and I did not bother to wake him.  I just sat next to him until breakfast was served at 8:15.  I fed his oatmeal but had to leave as the main course was being served.  The caregivers do a great job with him so I am never concerned leaving him.

They say that he is talking more than he did when he first arrived.  I do not know if this is a change in medication or familiarity.  Either way, its good.

One of the caregivers commented that he is very easy to work with and bathe.  She brushed his teeth three times yesterday and attempted to floss...however, he wont keep his mouth open.  We are going to try mouthwash next.  One thing he always had was excellent oral care and he was meticulous about brushing and flossing.  They comb his hair differently and I haven't said anything as I guess it does not matter.  I am just content to sit with him. 

He seems neutral.  By that, I don't see happiness nor sadness nor unrest.  He just "is".  I am grateful to have found such a wonderful place for him. 

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